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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2237746
Lincoln and Clyde are accidentally shrunken and have to survive Lori and Leni's big party.
The girls were walking back downstairs when they heard the doorbell ring. All the while, Lincoln and Clyde were still hanging on to Lori's foot while trying not to throw up from the harsh movement. "Oh they're here." Lori said as she went to open the door. The girls were met with the sight of some of their best friends from school. This group of party guests consisted of Leni's best friends Jackie and Mandee, and all of their other friends: Dana, Becky, Teri, Whitney, and even Lori's rival-turned-friend Carol Pingrey. "Hey girls, glad you could make it." Lori said to them. "Hi Lori, we're so thrilled for this party." Carol replied. The girls all entered the house with some of them bringing their own amenities for the party. Lincoln and Clyde saw all of the girls and were horrified to see that a bunch of normal teenage girls could look so big and threatening from their point of view. "Whoa Lincoln look at all of them. Now we're really in danger with all of these gigantic girls here." Lincoln knew Clyde was right and thought it would be best to avoid this party and head back upstairs to the shrink ray. "I know Clyde. We'd better get back to Lisa's room. That way when she gets home she can find us and return us to normal." Lincoln said. But before they could do anything, they felt Lori's foot shift quickly as she was quickly walking to where her friends were sitting in the dining room. The boys tried to hold on as Lori was walking but lost their grip when her leg thrusted forward and they instantly flew off her foot. Lincoln and Clyde flew through the air and found themselves in another new location.

Wherever they were, it seemed like something soft cushioned their landing. Lincoln saw where they were. It looked like they landed into some kind of big green mush that felt like a green slime. "Eww. What is this stuff?" Lincoln asked. "I don't know buddy but at least we're still alright thanks to it." Lincoln smelled something around them and took a bit of a taste of the substance they were in. He recognized the taste and started to worry. "Oh no. Clyde this guacamole. That means we landed right into the girls' snack buffet." Lincoln said as they both panicked. "We'd better run out of this stuff before they get hungry." Clyde said as he tried to move and find his way out of the chip dip. "It's no use Clyde. This stuff's too thick I can hardly move anywhere." Lincoln said as they struggled to get out of this pit of green avocado mush. "Ah there's the guacamole. My favorite." The boys heard a loud feminine voice from above and saw a shadow covering them. The giantess that came into view was the red-haired girl in green that they knew as becky. "Uh oh. Here she comes. And I don't think she can see us Clyde." They kept trying to move but to avail and their luck just went from bad to worse when they saw what was coming for them. "Incoming tortilla chip!" Lincoln shouted as Becky dipped a chip in the bowl. The boys were scared when they saw the giant chip swim through their prison but were relieved when the chip didn't scoop up either of them. Lincoln and Clyde saw Becky lift the chip back up to her face and looked in horror at its next destination. Her mouth! They saw Becky put the chip in her mouth and watched as her teeth completely chomped it to bits. Finally, a small lump went down her throat carrying what was left of that chip never to be seen again. They shivered at the thought that they were so lucky now or that could've been them. But their plight wasn't over yet as another titan came into view. "Hey save some for all of us becky." The voice they heard was from Teri who was also hungry for the guacamole. The boys were terrified again as more chips were coming for them. They had some close calls but the chips still scooped them up at times. However with the chips different from the dip, they could easily walk on them and jump off to get back into the bowl. They kept this up for a few more minutes the girls lifted them up too high, but unfortunately, their luck ran out when they couldn't get off a chip before it got to high up. Lincoln and Clyde were soon lifted into the air and didn't have anywhere to go as the chip that got them was heading straight for Becky's open mouth. The boys panicked as her giant maw was coming closer and closer, all the while Becky had an innocent smile on her face. Lincoln thought fast as he had a new plan. As Becky got them closer to her mouth, the boys were at the edge of the and waited for the right moment. "Ready Clyde. Now!" He said and jump off the chip just before Becky could chomp on them. Lincoln and Clyde made it just in time and found themselves on the tip of Becky's nose. "That was to close Lincoln." "You said it buddy." However, with the dip still on them, Teri saw something on Becky's face. "Hey Becky, you have something on your nose there." Teri said and Becky responded by looking down on her nose and trying to flick it away. The boys tried to avoid her fingers and got thrown off when Becky turned her head to the right. "Here we go again!" Lincoln said they were thrown far across the table.

When Lincoln got his footing back, he found himself in a new area but this time he couldn't see Clyde anywhere and realized they were separated. "Clyde, where are you? Uh oh." He said spotting no trace of him. Lincoln looked around and saw that he was in some kind of dark area that looked a little bit pink on the walls. He touched the walls and it felt like a furry fabric but his realization came when he saw what else was in this place. Lincoln looked up and saw a huge opening up above him where the light came from while around him, he saw some big beauty supplies such as a huge nail polish bottle, lipstick, a hairbrush, tweezers, a compact mirror, and a massive cellphone. Lincoln found out he was in somebody's purse and found out that it was Jackie's purse when he saw the phone screen come on and show her name on it. "I'm inside Jackie's handbag. I better find a way out fast." He said. "Oh look girls, the dreamboat is starting." He heard Lori say from outside. "Hold on just let me get my purse." Jackie said grabbing her purse. "Uh oh." Lincoln felt the purse being lifted up and moving as Jackie was walking with it on her shoulder. Every movement shook the bag and caused Lincoln to lose his balance. When it finally stopped, Jackie sat on the couch with the others as they watched the show with her bag by her feet on the floor.

Lincoln could feel it stop as he got up and tried to think of another plan. The bag was open at the top so he could see Jackie's purple boots right next to him. His thoughts were silenced once he felt the bag move again. He looked up and saw Jackie's big hand with shiny purple nail polish come in ready to grab something and felt like this was his chance to get noticed. He saw her hand reach in and grab the hairbrush so he tried to grab on to the bristles and got lifted with the brush. "Oh boy, this was a bad idea!" Lincoln screamed as Jackie lifted the brush into the air. One good side was that Lincoln could Jackie's huge image in front of him. He noticed how tiny he was and just how beautiful Jackie was when he saw her body, the sparkle in her purple nails, and her face with her gorgeous eyes and hair. Lincoln started blushing at her beauty which faded when he saw where he was going. Jackie moved the brush above her head and gave Lincoln an up-close view of her dark hair. He lost his grip on the bristle and then plummeted down into her hair. Lincoln looked at where he was and was awestruck that he was really in Jackie's hair. To him it looked like a massive forest with gigantic black trees towering above him and surrounding him everywhere he looked. "Wow! I might be puny now, but from here, this view of a giant woman is actually pretty amazing." He marveled. Lincoln looked around and couldn't see anything but black trees for miles. And while he was walking through this place, he smelled something that came from the hair. Lincoln recognized it as shampoo and conditioner that smelled really pleasant to him. "Must be daffodil scented shampoo. Jackie sure knows how to accessorize." Lincoln said.

Jackie was just watching TV with her friends and while some of them were watching the show, others were talking about other things back in the dining room. And while Lincoln was walking through Jackie's hair, Clyde was facing his own problems. While Lincoln fell into Jackie's purse, Clyde was thrown somewhere else on the dining table.
"Oh man, I better find Lincoln and get back to normal before these girls squish us."

(*Work in Progress*)
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