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Motivation and imagination
It was dark and stormy
But I wasn’t scared
The rain hit my face hard
It was like hail, but worse

I wasn’t sure why I was running
Or what even gave me the erg to run
The wind carried an ice-cold breeze with it
But I was determined to keep on the trail.

The trail hadn’t been used for years
People were scared of it; they didn’t even want to mention it.
I had heard a lot of stories about it
But they didn’t bother me.

It was getting colder
And I was being followed
But I didn’t care
All I wanted to do was run.

I felt like giving up
But something wouldn’t let me stop
It was the same thing that made me start in the first place
So I kept on going

Then finally the rain stopped
And it started to get hot
I felt like I was on fire
But I knew that I would make it

Whatever had been following me
Was gone
Now I was alone
I had nothing to fear
But fear itself

I kept my head up
And I saw the end of the trail
But I kept thinking it was too far away
And I wouldn’t make it

Because the worst part of all had just begun.
I pushed myself as hard as I could
But felt as if I had been walking in the park
My legs sure didn’t think that

The trail kept playing mind games with me
And I had lost sight of the end of the trail
I didn’t panic
I came very close though
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