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Odd pieces of incomplete poetry awaiting completion

How is it that I have reached this place?
Crunching bitter leaves of past regrets.
What is now left to find repose?
And change the future for a reckless promise.

A promise made in times now past,
To bind me in eternal pain.
Oh that I could then have known,
That time would twist and warp my soul.


The pain of betrayal still lingers,
I can run, but there’s nowhere to hide.
Those clinging, relentless cold fingers,
Tear at my spirit and pride.

When trust is betrayed by a lover
And the world seems to crumble and fall,
Then where is the strength to recover?
And what is the price of recall?

You turn to your friends to support you
To stand with you in time of your need.
But you find that too many desert you
Your pain is too strong, they can’t heed.
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