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I don't dream, because it never become real
I'm giving my word,
that, I don't ever dream
I don't even pray either,
to God you call, to him.

He always disposes you,
what you do propose
No matter, whoever dreams,
Or how beautiful it is, suppose.

If the dreams had reality,
If they ever became true,
This world could have been
So colourful, full of varied hue

I give you my word,
My heart made of steel
You talk of harsh truth
It won't make any feel.

My heart won't break down
Hopeless news come my way
Don't even hesitate too
Whatever wanted to say

Forgive, I can't hold down
Tears of my eyes
I can't believe in God
And I can't live with lies.

Infatuation in beauty of face
Turns to an illusion
I just love to love someone
Heart is crazy for passion.
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