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Accidental Artwork - Daily Flash Fiction - 11-15-20 W/C 281

I walk into the living room. What? Something is wrong here. All the furniture is upside down. The dog is on the ceiling. The curtains are hanging sideways. The fire in the fireplace is burning but the flames are green.

Yes, something is definitely wrong. So I decide to turn around and walk back out. Perhaps it’s just a bad dream, something I ate. It’s a nightmare and I’m sleepwalking.

What time is it? Where’s the clock? We have a cuckoo clock near the front door. It shows 13:00.

So I decide I need to go back to bed. Not getting up today. Nope. Not starting this day again. I went back to sleep. After a nap, with no dreams thanks be to heaven, I venture back to the living room.

The scenario is the same. Furniture is upside down. The dog is still on the ceiling. The curtains hang sideways. The fire flames are still green. The clock near the front door shows 15:00 now.

Perhaps I am in a Salvador Dali painting. You know the one he did with the melting clock. There’s also one called ‘Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second before Waking’. He was a unique artist, which is my kind word for someone I really cannot understand.

So I am going to call this scenario ‘Dog on Ceiling above Upside down Furniture surveying Green Flames beside the Sideways Curtains’. Perhaps I need a camera to capture the image. Sell it to museums, make millions.

Nope. I’m going back to bed. When the clock strikes 28:00, I’ll get up again and hope all is back to normal.

W/C 281

Note: Image has nudity.
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