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Life is full of Ups and Downs for Jae..more downs than anything, maybe that can change


This time there was no ocean or surf breaking over her feet..instead she opened her eyes to find herself in a huge room lit by candles and a fire burning brightly in a fireplace, heavy leather furniture was positioned to have the maximum chatting experience around the fireplace while a highly polished bar and what had to be a regulation sized pool table sat at the far end of the room...muted music was playing from speakers hidden throughout the room and she felt like she was on display despite no one else being in the room.

Turning toward the bar Jae spotted what had to be her reflection in a mirror above the bar and her lips parted on a sharp gasp of shock for she was dressed in very little actually..a sheer cheetah print gown that floated loosely down to her ankles, revealing a black leather bra and boy short set beneath it as well as far too much of her bared skin...and her bronze gold hair tumbled wildly around her face, making her look like a wanton huzzy.

She made herself a gin and juice, wondering if she'd be able to taste it in her dream because the boozy smell was real enough.

" Want to make me one of those? " The raspy rough voice was back and she raised her gaze to meet a pair of amazingly murky grey green one." This is the true me, well, most of me...you wouldn't be able to handle the real me."

Jae discovered that her hands trembled when she made a second drink and slid it across the smooth bar to him.

The man was walking seduction with his long thinly dreaded up dark sable hair left free to bounce down around his rich deep cafe au lait complected face and his upper torso bared to her hungry gaze since all he had on were a pair of sweat pants that rode low on his lean hips.

" How do I know you're telling me the truth? Maybe you pulled this dude from my memories of the male strip show a couple years ago." She murmured, raising the glass she held to her lips and taking a deep gulp..instantly regretting it when she felt the burn of the gin going down her throat, which made her cough and choke alarmingly.
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