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by Shamus
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I'd always admire her from afar, now perhaps we could be close friends!
Every day she walked past my window!

She was going to the local shop dressed, as always, in a thin cotton like material, that clung to her magnificent figure. Like me her age was difficult to judge, but I reckon she was in her thirties. In my case it was a simple thirty one. I kept fit and looked after myself with sensible eating and exercises in my conservatory. In the summer months I kept a decent body tan by always going into my secluded garden completely naked.

It was one of my few pleasures that I maintained throughout the summer. The feeling of being free of restrictive clothing always did appeal to me. The satisfaction of peeling off tight underpants and allowing my rather big and long penis to escape confinement was a great feeling and sometimes I would end up having a very hard erection.

The feeling of nakedness appealed to me and I often thought of joining a nudist club, but I never acted upon it and just made do by enjoying my solo nudity. However, that all changed when one stiflingly hot summers day, I was practicing a yoga stance on the lawn and suddenly found myself facing the woman who walked past my front room window! Somehow she had managed to undo the catch on the side gate and gain entry to my private sanctum. She was smiling and staring at my nakedness. In particular she was wide eyed at the size of my penis.

"My apologies for barging in on you like this, but I was going to ask you if you could recommend a decent masseur for me and my sisters. Only, we all suffer with arthritis in some form or another! But, I can see you are busy and I don't want to bother you, especially as I can see you are enjoying yourself!"

In response to seeing this woman, who, being the subject of my dreams and imagination and being naked in front of her was just too much for my penis and it began to rise and stiffen.

" It's lovely isn't it! Such a magnificent part of a man's body! One is almost tempted to reach out and fondle it. But, I can't and won't because I must get back home. It's been a pleasure to meet you and I hope we'll meet again when I hope we can both be naked in this glorious sunshine!"

"Don't go just yet! I can help you with your search for a masseuse. I have done a course in massage and would be only too pleased to help you and your sisters. Just name the day and time and I'll be there. Dressed of course!"

I knew where she lived and on the day agreed upon I stood in their spare room where they had arranged a recently purchased padded massage table. On one side was a cabinet containing oils of a variety of exotic labels. First to arrive at the door was a young girl of about sixteen named Isabel. She was wearing nothing but a huge bath sheet which covered her from head to toe. Giving me a thoroughly going over with her eyes, she climbed up on the table and swept the towel off her and exposed her naked body. She had white parts where costumes had been worn. Her breasts were full and yet to be completely developed. Her body, surprisingly, was hairless. no dark hair around the vagina and none under her armpits.

Throughout the entire session Isabel never uttered a word and when I leaned over to give attention to her hip joints she felt my shorts and grasped my flaccid penis. She groaned at this point, and when my fingers lightly touched the mound of her 'mons venus' she gasped and gripped my penis even harder. She laughed when I asked her to let me have my cock back as I needed it later for a pee!

A half hour later and in came the middle sister named Sarah. She was as blonde as you can get and when naked on the bench I could see she was a natural blonde with golden curls around her vaginal area. Her body was quite evenly tanned and for a girl of twenty odd years her breasts were enormous with nipples hard and very pronounced. Applying oils and massaging those beauties I almost gave the game away by creating a massive tent in my shorts. Sarah was enjoying the experience of a man giving her writhing body a thorough going over and when I discovered she was having multiple orgasms I had to literally prize her hands away from my erect penis. During the session I asked her where the men were in their lives. I was told in no uncertain terms that they were not up to their standards and they had yet to find one who could manage all three of them!

Finally, the woman who walked past my front room window. Her name was Elspeth and glory be she was exquisite! Every part of body was in full bloom! When naked I could see she looked after her magnificent body! The toning was even and her hour glass torso matched those long and sensuous legs. Her breast were proud and with no sagging they carried two majestic nipples with dark aureoles. She was hairless and I could see she had recently shaved her vaginal area. Applying the oils proved to be no hardship as she opened her legs wide to allow me to apply pressure to her calves and thighs. It was no surprise to me to have a massive erection at this point and Elspeth was quick to notice how my enormous cock had escaped the confines of my shorts and was poking itself proudly for all to see.

With her legs over my shoulders and with me pumping away in a very wet, yet tight, vagina, we were both having a ball. Elspeth was in the throes of having a massive orgasm and I was about to release a hell of a build up of semen, when the door opened and the two sisters came in and started clapping and cheering at our frantic fucking. They were naked and boy, did that massage table get the fright of its life with the four of us fucking in turn!

Needless to say, I'm now their full time and very busy masseur with no time off for being a good boy!

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