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A poem and explanation of how I feel about spiders and how I feel about them

The tiny spider dances from one edge of the window to the other as if it were doing the waltz. Making a perfect loop to loop around the web. She is an artist and performer making her web for her uncaptured prey. She is making a home for herself. She is always moving.

I am still a little nervous around spiders. The big wolf spiders frighten me the most but I do respect them. They amaze me some are poisonous and others are harmless. But the really big ones don't frighten me just the small ones. A trantranilla may be scary at first but it just looks scary. I think it only bites when it is threatened. Growing up I was terrified of spiders. If they get on me I am scared of them. I think a spider bite could put you in the hospital overnight. I like to observe them through my photo lens. I have yet to do that. I haven't gotten close enough with my macro lens. I will someday.

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