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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2237954
Lincoln gets shrunken while visiting the Casagrandes. Giantess Story
On a bright, sunny day in Royal Woods, Michigan, nobody in the Loud house felt more excited than the sole brother, Lincoln Loud. Normally on a day like this he'd be reading comics in his underwear, or playing video games, or dealing with his sisters. But today that wasn't the case as Lincoln had a four-day weekend off from school, and he didn't plan on wasting cooped up in his house.

Lincoln was packing his clothes and other things into his backpack when he turned to the viewers, "Oh hey there, you're probably wondering what I'm doing. Well, it's a four-day holiday away from school and I'm going to spend this holiday with my good friends, the Casagrandes!" he said with excitement.

Since it was the same holiday at Ronnie Anne's school in Great Lakes City, she was able to convince her family to let Lincoln stay with them for the break and boy were they happy about it. Everyone in the Bodega loved Lincoln and treated him like he was a part of their big family as well so there was no way they would say no to having him for four whole days.

Lincoln was just about to leave with his parents when he suddenly felt his head start spinning. "Whoa, what's going on? I feel a little weird." Lincoln said as his body swayed from side to side. His hand was on his forehead as he fell down to his knees. Breathing erratically, Lincoln's dizzy feeling quickly subsided and he was able to get his head together. "Huh, what was that? Suddenly I just felt like my head was going numb." Lincoln thought about it but then shook his head went put it aside when he heard his mother call him from downstairs.

"Lincoln, It's time to go! You don't want to keep the Casagrandes waiting do you?" Rita said. Lincoln quickly came down the stairs and said goodbye to his sisters. "Have fun at Bobby's place, Lincoln." Lori said "Yeah bro, and send us plenty of pictures of your stay. I just know it's gonna be awesome!" Luna yelled as she threw her hands in the air.

"Thanks girls, don't worry I'll be sure to tell you how it goes when I come back. See ya on Monday!" Lincoln said waving goodbye to his ten sisters. They saw him leave and were thrilled for him, while some of them wished they could tag along.

Lincoln was just sitting in the car with his Mom as they were heading for the city. However, Lincoln felt the same strange dizzy feeling from before blur his vision again. He groaned with his head leaning on the window. "Lincoln, are you okay?" His mother asked noticing that Lincoln looked a little uneasy in the shotgun seat.

"Yeah mom. I-I'm okay." He answered as his sight came back as quickly as it left. "Well alright, but if you're feeling a bit car sick, we can make a little rest stop if you want." She said feeling concern for her son. "It's okay mom, it's nothing to worry about, really. Besides, it's not that far away. Let's keep moving." His mom nodded and just kept driving until they reached their destination.

After a while, Vanzilla finally pulled up to the Casagrandes' apartment. "Well here we are Lincoln. Have a good time and make sure to call home whenever you can." Rita said planting a kiss on her son's cheek. "Thanks mom, I will. I love you." Lincoln said exiting the car and waving goodbye to his mom driving back to his house.

Lincoln went into the Casagrandes apartment and immediately headed to Ronnie Anne's apartment room 2A. He knocked on the door and expected to be greeted by Ronnie Anne or her mom but instead, a different greeting came after the door opened.

Lincoln was surprised as he was pushed to the floor and felt something big and hairy on him. It was Casagrandes' big dog Lalo, who was currently smothering Lincoln's face with lots of wet dog kisses. Lalo always loved it when Lincoln came to visit the bodega and liked to say hello with lots of affectionate dog kisses, to which Lincoln had no problem with. Lincoln laughed from the tickling and said to the mastiff, "Okay, Lalo... Okay boy!" as Lalo stopped. "I'm happy to see you to you big lug!" Lincoln said hugging the big dog by the neck.

"Come on Lalo, that's enough." Ronnie Anne said and Lalo got off of him. Lincoln stood up and saw the entire Casagrande family welcoming him with open arms. "Welcome Lincoln!" they shouted. And Lincoln was soon met with a happy family surrounding him and a big hug from Ronnie Anne's grandma, Rosa. "Lincoln, we're so glad you're here." Rosa said with the boy still in her arms. "Like I would miss a chance to hang out with you guys," he replied smiling.

"We're going to have so much fun and now it's pirate time!" CJ exclaimed as he brought out his toy sword and pirate hat. "CJ, you play with our guest later," Rosa commanded. "Right now Lincoln, you must be starving after your trip here. And you're lucky because you came just in time for dinner." Rosa pointed to the dinner table which was filled with so many delicious meals.

Lincoln's mouth watered with joy as he realized just how hungry he was from the car trip. "Oh boy, I'm famished!" he said as everyone gathered at the table to eat. Lincoln sat between Carl and Carlota enjoying the meal with them.

"So Lincoln, do you have any plans for how to spend the weekend with us?" Carlos asked from the end of the table. "Sure do, I heard a lot of great fun places to go to in the city. Ronnie Anne's been telling me a lot about it over our video chats," he answered back. "Like where?" Maria asked. "She told me about her time at the zoo, the party joints, and even some the other places around here for a good time," he listed and that gave Ronnie Anne an idea.

"And speaking of the zoo Lincoln, do you remember my friend, Sid?" Ronnie Anne asked and Lincoln nodded as he did remember her. "Well she's not just my new best friend here, Sid and her family are also our upstairs neighbors here in the apartment and guess what. Her mom is also works as the local zoo's zookeeper." Ronnie Anne explained.

Lincoln was surprised to hear this and quickly smiled, "Wow that sounds amazing Ronnie Anne. I'd love to meet Sid's family," Lincoln said. "You wanna come with me and meet them after we eat?" she asked. "You know it." Lincoln replied.

"Yeah, you'll meet Mrs. Chang and she'll tell you all about the time I fought off Keon the Komodo dragon at the zoo too." Carl said intriguing Lincoln. "You mean when you snuck away from the tour group and ran away like a chicken from Keon before Mrs. Chang saved you from him," Carlota corrected with a smirk which irritated Carl. "Hey, I did not run like a chicken and I would've had him if that monkey didn't get in the way!" he exclaimed annoyed by his big sister's taunting. "So then the monkey was the real hero. I get it now," Carlota replied which got everyone to laugh at their conversation.

After dinner, Lincoln and Ronnie went up to meet the Changs in room 3A. "You're gonna love the Changs Lincoln, they're a lot of fun to hang around with," Ronnie Anne said. Lincoln wore a smile the whole walk, "I bet since Sid was so much fun to hang with."

They made it to the room and knocked on the door. It opened revealing Mrs. Chang, "Hey Mrs. Chang can we come in for a bit?" Ronnie Anne politely asked and was met with a friendly smile from her neighbor. "Oh hi Ronnie Anne. Come on in," she replied and let both of them in. The whole family was in the living room happy to see Ronnie Anne and noticed the white haired boy with her. "Everyone this is my friend Lincoln Loud from Royal Woods," Ronnie Anne gestured to Lincoln as he waived to them in a friendly manner. "Well hello Lincoln, wonderful to have you here. I'm Becca, this is my husband Stanley and our daughters, Sid and Adelaide." Becca introduced Lincoln to her family. "I met him before mom. He's a really great guy," Sid said to her parents. "It's great to meet all of you too." Lincoln replied.

Adelaide looked at Lincoln and smiled noticing how cute his white hair and clothes looked. "Hi there Lincoln, I'm Adelaide and this is my friend Froggy 2," Adelaide said as she walked up to him showing Lincoln her pet frog. "Honey, don't show a frog in his face like that," Becca scolded her daughter. "No it's okay Mrs. Chang really. I have a little sister back home who has a pet frog too," he said. "Really Lincoln?" Adelaide asked with a sparkle in her eyes. "Sure, my sister Lana loves animals, lizards especially," he clarified to the mother. Adelaide smiled with joy at hearing that. "And you know Adelaide, next time I come to visit I'll bring Lana and her pet frog along. You two would get along great," Lincoln said and saw Adelaide smile as she hugged the boy by his waist. "Yay, new frog friend!" Adelaide exclaimed.

Ronnie Anne and the Changs looked happily at how easily Lincoln was bonding with the youngest Chang. "So Lincoln you wanna join us in my room?" Sid asked and he agreed. After a while it was time to get to bed and Lincoln and Ronnie Anne headed back down to room 2A. Adelaide didn't want Lincoln to go yet so she stopped him before he left, "Wait Lincoln, can you please play with me while you're here?" she asked with a sad look in her eyes. "Of course Adelaide I'd love to play with you. After all, I play with some of my little sisters all the time," he answered and Adelaide hugged Lincoln again with joy. "Thank you Lincoln, I can't wait!" she exclaimed before they all left for their own apartment. Adelaide felt something new in her chest after she saw how sweet and nice Lincoln was to her and her family. And that feeling could only be described as affection. Adelaide enjoyed having him that night and started to see Lincoln like the big brother she never had.

"Adelaide really seems to like you Lincoln, I think you really hit it off with her," Ronnie said as they were about to turn in for the night. "Yeah I noticed. Well goodnight Ronnie Anne." "Goodnight Lincoln." They split up as Lincoln was sleeping in CJ and Carl's room for the time he was there.

Lincoln got into bed with CJ, but then he started getting that dizzying feeling again. But this time there was an added affect to it as he started to feel a slight pain in his chest. He groaned in pain quietly and went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Washing his face off with cold water, he started feeling his senses coming back but was starting to get worried that this would ruin his vacation in the city.

The next morning, after having breakfast with the Casagrandes Lincoln was feeling a lot better as he was playing pirates with CJ like he said he would. They were having a good time until Lincoln got dizzy once more and fell to his knees. "Lincoln are you okay?" CJ asked feeling concerned for him. "Yeah I'm okay, I think I just need the bathroom again," he said putting their play time on hold.

Lincoln got into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. "What is wrong with me? Why do I keep-?" Lincoln asked himself and got cut off as he started getting really weak. Before long, he collapsed to the floor and felt a strange sensation around him.

Almost an hour later, Lincoln finally woke up and felt his dizziness and aching disappear. "Oh man, that was weird. But good news, I feel a lot better now," he said but his happiness was quickly replaced with confusion as he looked at his surroundings. He saw that the sink, bathtub and toilet from before were now gigantic and towered over him. Lincoln soon realized what happened and it didn't take too long for him to find out that he shrunk to about one inch tall. He was shocked at his situation and couldn't understand how it happened so he tried to remember if there was anything that could've caused this.

However, his train of thought was interrupted as he heard a knock on the door and a voice that sounded like a monster's wail. "Hey Lincoln, are you finished in there? I need to get my makeup on," Carlota said from outside the door. When she didn't hear Lincoln for a while she decided to just open the door and see if he was alright. The door opened and Lincoln was terrified at the sight in front of him. Carlota towered over Lincoln like a skyscraper. Lincoln had to crane his neck up just to see her face and he did not enjoy seeing her from this point of view.

Carlota was confused when she didn't see Lincoln anywhere in the bathroom and had a concerned look on her face. "Lincoln, where'd he go? I thought he was in here," she said looking around. She didn't speak too loudly but to Lincoln it was loud enough for him to cover his ears. Lincoln started waving his hands and shouted to her to get her attention, but it didn't work since he was too small for Carlota to hear. Lincoln stopped waving when he saw Carlota lift her right foot up and start walking in his direction. He got scared and run away from her colossal feet. Every step she took shook the ground for Lincoln and he couldn't balance from it until he fell. Lincoln was on his back as he saw Carlota coming for him. Carlota's right foot missed him as it landed a few inches right next to him. Lincoln was so close to being squashed and saw just how tiny he was compared to Carlota.

Lincoln decided to climb up Carlota, but unfortunately, she was wearing her white high-top shoes and Lincoln barely came up to half of their height. But with a running start and a good jump, he was able to get onto her platforms and grab onto her toes. Lincoln saw his reflection in her painted toenails and also noticed that he barely even came up to the height of Carlota's big toe.

Carlota started walking again and Lincoln had to stay in between her toes to keep from falling off. The smell of her feet was bearable and fortunately for him, Carlota couldn't feel him squeezing in between her toes. She walked out of the bathroom and into the living to tell everyone what she found. "I thought Lincoln was still in the bathroom, so I checked on him. But when I opened the door, he was nowhere to be seen," she said to her family. This confused everyone as they couldn't believe it. "Are you sure mija, he had to be in there," Rosa said.
"Well he wasn't and I'm sure of it," Carlota replied.

Lincoln decided he had to get somebody's attention to get back to normal size and the best person he could think of was Ronnie Anne. However, he didn't see her in the living room so he figured that she must still be in her bedroom. Lincoln was about to get off of Carlota's foot when he saw Lalo coming her way. The dog surprised Carlota and made her shift her leg forward pretty quickly. "Hey Lalo, watch it I'm right here!" Carlota shouted at the dog. What she didn't know was that her sudden leg spasm threw Lincoln off of her foot and right onto the lap of Frida Puga Casagrande as she was sitting on the living room couch.

Lincoln got up from his flight and found himself on a pink landscape. He then looked up and saw the face of Frida right above him. Lincoln thought it would be best to keep hidden from her so he decided to get off her lap and down to the floor. But before he could, Frida stood up from the couch and caused Lincoln to slide down her dress on to the carpet. Lincoln was now in front of her feet and noticed what she was watching on TV. It was a sad romance movie that made Frida's eyes start tearing up. "Uh oh," Lincoln said as he noticed Frida was about to start one of her overdramatic sobs. "Ah, the romance always fills me with so much joy!" she shouted and then let out a big wail as she cried like a waterfall. Lincoln saw her sobbing from below as her tears fell from her face like giant raindrops.

These were just little teardrops to everyone, but from Lincoln's perspective, it was more like a big flooding rain, considering how overly emotional Frida gets. Lincoln tried to run away as the tears came down onto the floor. Once they hit the ground it was like they exploded and released massive tidal waves around him. Lincoln dodged left and right as the floor flooded around him and he thought he was in the clear once he got closer to the middle of the carpet. But before he could make it in time, a teardrop fell too close to him and engulfed him in a tidal wave that tumbled him right back to where he started, right next to Frida's left foot.

Lincoln soon got up on his knees from the teardrop rain trying to catch his breath. (*cough*) "Oh man, and I thought 'cry me a river' was just an expression," Lincoln said trying to stand and get his head together after being bombarded by a high-tide of tears. He looked to his right and saw that he was back at Frida's feet while she was still sobbing uncontrollably. Then he looked in ahead to see that the trek through a rain of tears would be too treacherous.

With that in mind, Lincoln decided it would be better to climb up Frida to get her attention. That way he could have her take him to Ronnie Anne. Lincoln thought it was a good plan and decided to get right on it. "Well, unless I want to go through a torrent of emotional drama again, I'd better get climbing," Lincoln said. He jumped onto the giant mother's left foot and began his climb up mount Frida.

Lincoln started by walking along her foot and then jumped to grab the skin of her leg. Once he climbed high enough, he was able to reach his hand onto the bottom of her pink dress. Grabbing the pink fabrics of Frida's outfit made his journey much easier since the fabric was easier to hold on to than her skin. Lincoln kept climbing up her dress and after a few minutes, which almost felt like hours at his current stature, he was at her ankles. It was lucky for him that Frida sat back down on the couch by the time he reach that point.

With Frida sitting down again, Lincoln had to run straight across her lap to reach her chest. "Alright Lincoln, you're doing great. Just a little more." With renewed confidence, Lincoln grabbed onto the threads on Frida's chest. But considering what was above him, Lincoln decided to go to her ears to get her to notice him. So he grabbed hold of the dress fabric and scooted his way over to her left side. But before he could start going up, he felt himself get lifted up as Frida sat up from the couch. "Whoaaaa!" cried Lincoln as Frida walked away from the sofa.

Lincoln didn't know where Frida was going and he didn't want to find out. Keeping his grip on her dress, Lincoln kept going upward on it until he made it to her shoulder. But it wasn't easy with Frida walking so much and made Lincoln's feet slip a few times. He got a little frightened when he looked at the ground miles below him. "Man, what a drop," Lincoln said with fear in his eyes. "Okay, I can do this. Gym climbing rope training don't fail me now!" Lincoln got his footing back and before long he made it on top of Frida's shoulder.

However, Lincoln noticed he still had a long way to go before reaching the ear. He was about to climb up to it when he noticed where she went by the time he got to her shoulder. She was in her apartment room taking some pictures of Lalo in a costume and before he knew it, "Alright Lalo, get ready to smile for the camera," Frida said with a camera in her hand. Lincoln felt her shoulder move as she positioned the camera and then *flash*, she flashed the camera. The light from the camera was too much for Lincoln at his size as he felt his vision get distorted by it. Lincoln couldn't see where he was going as Frida took a few more photos. "Ahhh! I can't see, stop it!" Lincoln shouted as the light kept blinding him. Rubbing his eyes, Lincoln still had trouble seeing clearly and lost his balance. He started wobbling in a circle on Frida's shoulder without any sense of direction. But then it got worse when he started waddling to the back of Frida's shoulder. Lincoln still couldn't see anything and got worried when he couldn't feel the ground below him anymore. He was teetering over the edge and before he knew it, he fell off of Frida's shoulder.

"Ahhh!" Lincoln screamed as he was plummeting to a nasty fall right by the gargantuan Frida Casagrande. Fortunately though, even with his obscured vision, Lincoln managed to grab onto a strand of the long hair on Frida's backside. He hooked himself onto the hair and rubbed his eyes some more until his vision came back. "Ah that's better, I can see again," Lincoln said and then noticed where he was hanging from. "Whoa, now that would've been a doozy of a fall." Lincoln gripped the hair in fear. "Oh man here we go again." Frida started walking again, but this time, holding the hair to keep from falling was much harder for Lincoln since it wasn't as sturdy as her clothes.

Frida walked out of her room and back to room 2C where she saw Hector napping in the living room and Rosa cooking in the kitchen. "Mama, I heard that Lincoln somehow disappeared from here this morning, have you seen him?" she asked and Rosa shook her head in response. "He's probably playing outside with the kids or probably hanging out with Bobby down in the mercado," Rosa replied. "Oh that's too bad, I was hoping to give him some painting lessons while he was here, Bobby told me once that Lori said he did have quite a passion for art, and I wanted to help him improve on it," Frida said and this got Lincoln's attention when he thought about the time he made a comic for that Ace Savvy contest.

"Abuela!" Lincoln heard from across the room and recognized the voice. Ronnie Anne was walking down the hall looking for her Abuela. "Abuela, I haven't seen Lincoln all day, we were going upstairs to meet Sid," Ronnie Anne said. "I'm sorry mija, but I don't know where he is. I think I heard Carlota say that he disappeared in the bathroom or something like that." Rosa replied

Lincoln saw his chance as Ronnie Anne was right next to Frida. He thought of letting go of her hair but then if he missed, he'd plummet straight down to his doom on the floor. Lincoln didn't take that chance and held on but that plan went out the window as he felt Frida quickly move and bend down to meet Ronnie Anne.

"Don't worry Ronalda, I'm sure Lincoln will turn up soon and when you see him, can you tell him that I would like to meet him soon?" Frida asked. "Sure Tia Frida, I'll tell him," Ronnie Anne said. Lincoln was still on the hair on Frida's back as she was bending over. He was so close to Ronnie Anne that he just had to take the chance now. Lincoln stood up on Frida's leaning back and kept hold of her hair. He began running over the other hairs on the tilted black landscape and made to the edge of Frida's left side. "Okay Lincoln, get it together. It's now or never," Lincoln breathed deeply and jumped off of Frida while still holding her hair strand and using it as a rope to swing over to Ronnie Anne.

Lincoln swang on the hair as far as he could and planned to let go as soon as he was close to Ronnie Anne. But before he could reach her, Frida started bending back up and he felt her hair go up with her. Lincoln was forced to let go of the hair too soon but he still made a good enough swinging arc to reach Ronnie Anne. However, luck still wasn't on his side as Ronnie Anne turned herself around as Lincoln flew to her. With her back turned to him Lincoln landed in the hood of Ronnie Anne's purple hoodie.

"Okay, that was difficult. But at least I made it," Lincoln said as he got up from his landing and found himself in his friend's hood with her head right above him. "Hey Ronnie Anne, it's me Lincoln! I'm in here!" Lincoln to get Ronnie Anne's attention but to no avail. Ronnie Anne walked out of the apartment with Lincoln wondering where she was going as he felt his new purple prison shake with every step she took. "It's no use, she can't hear from here. I've gotta get to her ear," Lincoln said. He grabbed the fabric of her hood and tried to climb up to her head. Lincoln was about to reach her neck and grab onto Ronnie Anne's skin when he noticed the direction she was going. Ronnie Anne was walking toward the stairs to the next floor up. "Well I'd better go see if Sid wants to hang out today anyway." Ronnie Anne said to herself as she climbed up the stairs.

Lincoln heard this and felt her steps on the stairs. Ronnie Anne's climb up the stairs was harder for Lincoln than it was when she walked on a horizontal floor. "Whoa, take it easy Ronnie Anne!" he shouted as he felt the shaking from her steps and lost his grip. Lincoln fell back into the hood and landed with an unamused look on his face. "Dang it." He said. "Well if she's going to meet Sid I might as well wait for her to stop in the Chang's room. Maybe they'll notice me, right?" Lincoln said to the audience.

Ronnie Anne knocked on the door to room 3A and was met with the smiling face of her best friend. "Hey Sid," she said. "Hi Ronnie Anne, I'm ready to go to the park," Sid replied but then she noticed that Lincoln wasn't with her. "Wait a minute, where's Lincoln, isn't he coming to the park with us?" Sid asked. "Funny story, my Abuela told me that Lincoln 'disappeared' downstairs," Ronnie air quoted disappeared. Sid looked with a raised eyebrow. "Okay I guess." She said awkwardly.

"We can wait a little bit for him to come back, I'm sure he's fine," Ronnie Anne said and Sid nodded in agreement. She walked inside and they went straight to her room. "So, wanna look at the latest K-pop music video?" Sid asked but before they could do it, Adelaide came into the room to see Ronnie Anne. "Oh hey Adelaide," she said. "Hi Ronnie Anne, where's Lincoln? I was hoping to have him for a tea party today," Adelaide said. "Uh, I think he went out for a little bit, but I'm sure he'll be back soon," Ronnie Anne lied which made Adelaide hang her head down as she really wanted to play with him again.

"I get enough tea parties at home with Lola," Lincoln said still in Ronnie Anne's hood. "Don't worry Adelaide, we'll hang out with later, okay," Sid promised which made her little sister smile a little as she agreed. Lincoln could feel his position shift sideways again as Ronnie Anne and Sid brought out their computer and sat on their stomachs on Sid's bed. The two girls lay next to each other with their heads supported by their arms. Lincoln saw this as the perfect chance so he dashed out of Ronnie Anne's hood and tried to climb across her arm.

Lincoln climbed up Ronnie Anne's left arm as he grabbed onto her sleeve. Once he was close enough, Lincoln then got a hold of Ronnie Anne's hand skin and grabbed it without her feeling him. Lincoln kept going until he reached her ear, and this time, he was able to make it to Ronnie Anne's left ear and was standing right outside the hole of it. "Hey Ronnie Anne, it's me Lincoln! I've shrunk! HELP!" Lincoln shouted but he was surprised when she didn't hear it. He saw that the sound from the music video on her computer was too loud for her to hear his tiny voice.

"It's no use, I'm still not loud enough." He said noticing the video she was watching. "I can't believe Ronnie Anne would actually go for this K-Pop stuff, and most of the kids at my school say that it's totally lame." "I've gotta get closer in there." Lincoln said as he started walking inside Ronnie Anne's ear canal. Lincoln reached the other side of her earlobe and was amazed at the sight of it.

His eyes widened as he looked around and saw the inside of Ronnie Anne's ear. It looked like a giant red and brown, fleshy tunnel with large boulders made of earwax. "Wow so this is what it looks like inside someone's ear canal," he said. The entire place was huge to Lincoln as he looked around. There were big chunks of earwax all around the walls. Lincoln was walking through it and also noticed some tiny hairs sticking out of the walls. He was about to walk a few more steps when he saw a chunk of earwax fall from the top of the tunnel a few inches in front of him. "Ugh, okay that's gross," he said in disgust and then noticed that the floor he was walking on was also made of earwax. "Nasty!" he yelled lifting his shoe off the ground. "Huh?" Ronnie said hearing what Lincoln said from outside.

"What's nasty?" Ronnie Anne asked Sid. "I didn't say anything," she replied confused at what her friend said. Lincoln noticed that Ronnie Anne could hear him and became ecstatic. "Alright, she can hear me," Lincoln said with confidence. "Hey Ronnie Anne, it's me Lincoln!" the boy shouted and Ronnie Anne sat up on her knees in shock. The noise from Lincoln's shouting hurt her a little bit as she grabbed her head in pain. "What's wrong Ronnie Anne?" Sid asked. "I think I'm hearing things and it's giving me a headache," Ronnie Anne said trying to ease the pain she felt by shaking her head. Her movement shook Lincoln on the inside and made him lose his balance.

"No Ronnie Anne, it's really Lincoln. I've shrunk. Help!" Lincoln shouted again but this time he tried to lower the volume for her. "I think I hear voices, and it sounds like Lincoln. He's saying that he shrunk or something." Ronnie Anne said still holding her head in pain. "Shrunk? I think you're just imagining it," Sid replied. Lincoln was aggravated at this and stomped the floor, but he soon noticed his mistake when his foot got stuck in the earwax. "Uh oh, that's just great. Now I'm stuck. If I can just pull it out," Lincoln said trying to pull his foot out of the earwax.

"Ugh, it must be a bug making me hear things in there," Ronnie Anne groaned. She couldn't take much more and felt something in her ear. So she stuck her finger in her left ear and tried to get rid of it. Lincoln was still trying to get his foot out of the wax when he felt the tunnel rumbling a bit. "Huh, what's going in here?" he asked in desperation. Lincoln's confusion was quickly replaced with fear once he saw a colossal finger coming straight for him. He barely came up to half of its height which showed him just how small he was. Trying harder to get his foot dislodged from the floor, Lincoln was getting more terrified as the finger was getting closer to him, and at his size it could easily run him right over and crush him into nothing.

Lincoln pulled harder and finally managed to get his foot out of the floor. The force from the pull made him fall onto him back, but he quickly got up and ran away from the finger. "Aah!" Lincoln screamed running in the opposite direction to avoid getting pummeled by Ronnie Anne's giant index finger. Lincoln kept a good distance between them for a while, but then to his horror, he tripped and fell flat on his face into a mush of earwax. Lincoln lifted his face from the wax and turned around to see the finger still coming. He tried to get up but he just couldn't at the moment as he felt this was it for him. But much to his surprise, the finger suddenly stopped where it was. Lincoln looked and noticed that it was retreating back outside of Ronnie Anne's ear. "Whew, man that was close, I thought I was gonna get smushed for sure." Lincoln said relieved, getting up from the wax and dusting himself off. But this time he said it much more quietly to avoid dealing with the problem again.

Ronnie Anne still felt a small amount of pain in her ears and tried to relax. "Are you okay, Ronnie Anne?" Sid asked concerned for her friend. "I think so, if I can just. Get! This! Thing! Out! Of! My! Head!" Ronnie Anne said irritated as she started banging her hand on her other ear to make the pain stop. Lincoln felt the banging from Ronnie Anne as the tunnel shook again with each hit. Once she tilted her head to the left, the banging made it worse for Lincoln as he started tumbling down the now inclined ear canal. Lincoln kept falling until he was back outside her ear and was thrown out of it falling in the air. And it only got worse for him when he found out where he was falling. Right on top of Sid's head.
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