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A fog has lifted and I'm motivated to write again.
An ember ignites a fire beneath.
Stoked inspiration creeps through,
It’s ancient breath sets to flame
A dormant underside that has withered under wet leaves.
A need to be and the presence of feelings
Has a sense of upward drifting,
Lifting the cloak-like cling that darkness brings.
A time lost in the chasm of negative space.
An ever darkening shade of black
Expanding to entrap in it’s onyx empty
Here now is the blaze of seeing clearly
Climbing toward the light’s beacon
As the warmth and glow of it’s aura is total

Momentum lends to movement at all
Or stand stagnant and dwell as the forest grows surrounding
Self-loathing, self-serving heart pounding
Your roots could contribute to this earthen quilt
Or wither and wilt within doubt’s dead locust shell
What makes apathy vamp the capacity to compel?
Is nothing compelling enough to conjure conviction?
Too often a thought bright in it’s birth
Dies tragically soon, in that is never breathed…
A lesson in leaving a cocoon to it’s function
And reap the reward of natural morphing.

I’ll come out now and let a breeze carry new wings
Remembering the cycle as a whole
Is the evolution of soul
I’m feeling that flame
It’s primal partnership with mankind intertwining with
My pens awakening and mind’s inclination to dance again.
Sweet melodies singing a song to step to
Are the possibilities that anguish and worry can bring you
The time is right for searching and stating
For fear that this flame's day is decaying
Feathers instead, will see us soaring up high
from where this ember started
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