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just a thing i'm working on
Belly Kisses

//Narrator’s P.O.V//

Rain roared loudly as Jimin walked through the misty woods, skipping through the wet moss and grass on the earthy floor, Jimin listens to nature. Jimin loved thunderstorms, the feeling of the cold rain pittering on his skin made him feel alive. Continuing his little walk Jimin stills for a second, letting his mind still Jimin focuses on the sounds of the forest. A very faint mewl is heard in the distance, after hearing a possible animal in distress Jimin takes off. Speeding through the woods like a hound hunting for its prey. Dodging and slipping through small nooks and corners of the forest Jimin locates the hurt animal. Slowing down his pace, he spots a small ball of fur laying next to two very large wolves that laid there unconscious.

Jimin sucks in a sharp inhale as he sees the deep bloody wounds on the two wolves' bodies. Despair leaks into Jimin’s body as he watches two insanely large eyes stare at him with fright laced in them. ‘Something attack this poor pup’s parents’ Jimin whines as he inches closer to the wolf cub. “Hello sweetie,” Jimin says softly as he creeps closer to the shaking pup. “I’m not going to hurt you okay?” The male’s words were soft, calm, and soothing to the pup’s heart. Letting out a broken whine which sounded terrifyingly similar to a human sob, the pup looks back at its parent and back to Jimin as if to ask, “Are they okay” Jimin rubs the back of his neck sadly, the male shakes his head for side to side, sorrow prickling his skin. The wolf pup’s eyes glossed over as it watched the male’s response.

Limping over to its parents, the pup places its good paw on the smaller wolf's back, letting out a heart-wrenching howl as the rain drips onto the fur as if mother nature were grieving with it. Tears gathered in Jimin’s eyes as he watched the small wolf howl sadly. Jimin liked thunderstorms on happy days, but today wasn’t one for him and the pup. Jimin lets out a sad sigh as he walked over to the pup and picks it up gently. The small wolf lets out a whine as it turns around in his hands. “Come on pup” Jimin sighs as he stares at the two wolves silently. ‘I’ll bury them after I fix the pup up’ Jimin thinks as he walks back towards his home. You might think it's strange to live in the forest but here’s something even stranger. His home was a huge castle hidden deep in the forest. Walking towards the mansion ruins Jimin stops, holding out a hand the male draws a foreign pattern in the air. After a few seconds, there was a loud rumbling sound and two ruby and gold gates appeared in front of the two. “Welcome Home Master Jimin” An eerie voice echos as the gates separate and form as two angels trying to reach for each other.

Walking past the two gates a gorgeous pearly white castle with plant growth covering it beautifully appeared in sight. A row of maids and butlers stood lined up perfectly wearing gorgeous white and silver clothing. “Welcome home Young Master” The maids and butlers welcomed in sync. “Hello all of you, it is great to be home” Jimin responds with a smile, walking to the two huge front doors there stood two huge ruby statues. “May I go in please,” Jimin asks sweetly as he stood in front of the golden double doors. The two statues soon came to life, two pairs of opal eyes peer down at him before turning towards the doors in sync. Tracing a similar pattern that the latter had did before in the air, the door begins to glow before a shimmer of light and the doors disappear.

Jimin walks into the castle, his once wet hoodie and sweats turn into a black pair of tight with a white button-down shirt with silver ruffles at the ends. Jimin looks down into his arms with a meek smile. “This is your new home pup” The wolf pup looks around with big eyes. Jimin lets out a giggle at the wolf’s reaction. “This is good because I was starting to become lonely here” Jimin murmurs under his breath as he walked up a set of crystal stairs. Continuing his walk up the stairs to his room Jimin hummed a small tune as he watched the wolf pup gazed around nervously. ‘This pup has to be human of some sort’ Jimin huffs as he stares down at the wolf. Stopping in front of two large chamber doors that were being guarded by two statues. “Good morrow you two” Jimin greets as the two opal guards nod their heads at the King. Walking into his bed chambers the black room with all sorts of plant life, crystals, gems, and other things of nature decorated his room. Stepping down into the room which was shaped like a pit Jimin places the wolf pup on his bed.

“Stay here okay?” Jimin asks as he walks over to a wall on the other side of his room. Pressing a few crystals on the wall a passageway is opened up, walking into the passageway Jimin stops in front of a dresser and pulls bandages out of the dresser as well as some healing potions. Walking out of the passageway which closes after him Jimin walks over to the wolf pup on the bed. Tying his long black and silver hair up into a high ponytail, Jimin opens up a potion bottle with pink flower petals floating in it. Picking up the dropper and sucking up a decent amount Jimin shakes the tube around, the color changing from white to a dark purple. Placing the bottle down, Jimin gently moves the wolf’s paw towards him. The wolf cub lets out a low whine as its injured paw is exposed. ‘Well at least I know she’s a girl’ Jimin chuckles in his head when he had briefly checked the pup’s gender.

Gently holding down the wolf’s leg, Jimin drops some of the potions on the wound, the purple liquid staining the dirty white fur. The wolf pup lets out a pained whine when Jimin starts to wrap the bandages around the pup’s leg. “Shh, it's okay girl, I got you” Jimin coos as he strokes the pup’s fur. Almost immediately the wolf swerves it ahead around at the word ‘girl’ and barks at him. Jimin lets out a confused laugh when the pup starts getting at his finger, the small k9’s not doing any real damage. “What, I don’t have a name for you yet” Jimin laughs as he picks up the growling wolf. “ now c’mon let's get you cleaned up,” Jimin says as he walks through a curtain of flowers, revealing a gorgeous spring of water with lily pads, and other pretty plants. Deer and small rabbits, foxes, and other wildlife roamed around.

“Hello everyone” Jimin smiles as the animals walks over to him to greet him. Jimin pets a few of the animals before making his way to the pond. Before Jimin has time to set the pup down a head pops up out of the water. “Taehyung, you startled me” Jimin laughs as he watches the merman swim around. “Who’s that?” The pinkette’s asks as he leans against the edge of the pond. ‘I found her lying beside her dead parents“Jimin says sadly as he sets the pup down and sitting on his knees. ”Awe that’s sad, but he’s not a female“Taehyung states as he boops the pup’s nose. ”Oh, well that's probably why he attacked me earlier“ Jimin giggles as he dips the wolf in the pond. ”Where is Hoseok hyung?“Jimin asks as he picks a full pod off of a vine that grew above him. ”Last time I saw him he and Yoongi hyung were chasing off a few wandering humans“Taehyung replies as he picks a pod too, cracking it over the small pup's head, watching as green matter oozed out. After emptying the pod, Taehyung lightly scrubs the top of his head, the wolf pup huffs splashing Taehyung slightly with a shake of his head.

After a few seconds, a tiger leaps over the fence that shielded the large garden, landing gracefully next to Jimin. “Hello, Yoongi hyung” Jimin greets as the black and white tiger slowly morphs into a gorgeous human. “Hello, Chim” A smooth velvety voice calls as he sits down next to the male. Yoongi had shoulder-length black hair with baby blue bangs, an onyx crown sat on his head. The male’s tail swished back and forth as he curled up next to Jimin. “where is Hoseok hyung?” Jimin asks as he scrubs the pup’s soft belly, cleaning the grime and dirt off. “Up here!” A huge dragon hovered over the trio, before setting down on the roof of the castle, it’s head dangling over the garden. “Hello Jimin” The dragon’s gruff voice bellows, making the pup jolt. “Aish, change back, you’re scaring the pup” Yoongi scolds the younger who whines but changes back to his human self, fiery red hair dangles off the roof and a tall male flips off the roof and onto the floor of the garden.

The dragon hybrid wore a black hanfu dress with red designs lined along the seams, an onyx crown with rubies embedded into rested on his head.

“awe a wolf cub hybrid” Hoseok coos as he pulls down the scarf that covered his face. Jimin chuckles at the older male cooing before going back to bathing the small wolf cub

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