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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Detective · #2238001
Malone wants to fly for Chicago urgently.
The urgent trip

"I want to fly urgently to Chicago", Malone says.
"Sorry, there is no flight to Chicago today, the blond lady responds with her blue eyes stuck on the gentleman.
"How much do you want?" Malone says.Then he releases a check from his checkbook.

The waiter's face is flushed and she becomes an anger ball and says, "Sir the counter is closed now. The first flight to Chicago tomorrow is at 4AM.You can book at 2AM".
Malone is an elegant , slender and brown gentleman who seems wealthy with his fur coat and golden wrist watch. Unconsciously, he inhales deeply his unlit cigar and goes to the train station in a hurry.

"Hello! Mister Malone Gray. How are you?" A policeman says.
"Hello! "Malone responds in a pinched look.
"We need your expertise please. Can you follow me?" The policeman says.
"We are searching for a precious stolen antiquity object", he adds.
"Do you see this golden sword on the screen?" he adds ironically.

"Yes, it is Solomon's sword. It is full of gemstones. There is only one piece in the world", Malone responds fully confident.
"The piece is in Chicago. Don't you know?" The policeman responds sarcastically.
"No! Good you have shown me. I want to buy it," Malone responds with a big cunning smile.
"Really?" The policeman replies.
"Yes! As you know I have a big antiquity store in New York," Malone responds.

"Malone, you have recently received one million US Dollars money transfer from Chicago," the policeman replies frowning his eyebrows.
"Someone told us that you wanted an urgent fly sit to Chicago. Isn't it?" He adds.
"Can you please open your bag?" He adds.
Solomon's sword is shining inside the wide Malone's bag.

KHBEY/The urgent trip/289 words/November 18th 2020

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