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 “Mom, you there? It’s Emily.”

“Hello sweetheart, how is the prep going?”

“Not too bad, that’s why I reached out.”

“Yes dear, I figured you would. First time on your own making the Turkey day dinner.”

“You know that I’m not much of a cook.”

“Dad and I never got sick eating at your house. Are your brothers bringing some dishes.”

“Yes and Keith is bringing the sweet potato pie that Dad loves.”

“Oh good, that’s much better than stuffing for him, the diabetes and all.”

“This whole turkey thing is kind of challenging it’s huge but dad loves those legs doesn’t he.”

“Of course he does dear, he thinks that he is a caveman or maybe a medieval lord.”

“Anything to get him to smile, the grand marquis of the couch!”

“It makes him happy to be catered to, he has had a hard life.”

“I know mom. Is cooking the stuffing outside the bird okay?”

“That isn’t the way that I do it.”

“Yeah, I know but I saw a recipe on Instagram that I thought looked good.”

“Baby, that Insta stuff can’t teach you how to cook.”

“Frick frick! I burned my damn hand.”

“You know I don’t like that language.”

“Mom! I’m in pain here!”
“Just run it under some cold water.”

“No, that isn’t what you are supposed to do. You are not always right you know.”

“So what are you supposed to do?”

“Cool water mom, not cold.”

“You’re splitting hairs with me over this?”

“Again mom, I am in pain.”

“Calm down and stop crying.”

“Just help me with the stuffing. Please can you do that?”

“Fine. Tell me why you aren’t actually stuffing the turkey like I do.”

“It is supposed to be healthier. You can get salmonella from turkey stuffing.”

“Well that’s just ridiculous. No one ever got sick from my stuffing.”

“Ugh, okay fine I will put the stuffing in the turkey.”

“Good, that way it will taste right.”

“Yes mom, you know best.”

“I hope that wasn’t sarcasm dear. What about your older brother, is he helping.”

“I left Dave a message to bring a desert but I haven’t heard back from him.”

“You have to stop letting people walk all over you. What if he shows up with nothing? Are you just going to pull out soy ice cream from your freezer and serve that?”

“Bill is lactose intolerant mom.”

“And that little brat of yours is supposedly vegan, isn’t she?”

“They mom, their pronouns are they and them.”

“Don’t you start with me little girl. What are you doing about Dave?”

“I will call him and make sure he is bringing something.”

“At some point you will have to stand up for yourself.”

“You think that I should stop listening to you and do what I think is best?”

“No, that is what you think.”

“I know. I miss you. How could you die on me?”

“I will always be a part of you.”
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