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Imagine we could choose to be any colors we wanted at any time. How neat would that be!
Imagine we were able to
See colors people never do
When we saw friends and family
And everyone looked differently.

Imagine if, we wanted to,
That we could all choose any hue
And then, if we decided to,
We'd change again -- to one that's new.

How neat if everyone could be
Whatever color he or she
Would want and later, just for fun
We'd change again before we're done.

Suppose a squirrel or pussycat
or mouse or donkey or a bat
Decided that they'd like to try
Some different colors -- who'd ask "why"?

I think that it would be so neat
To see a mouse with yellow feet
And scintillating bright blue eyes
And soft blue fur, I would surmise.

And how about a frisky squirrel
Who'd grab an acorn, let it hurl
Down on a man on his bald head
Who'd look up at a squirrel, bright red!

We're all accustomed to the sight
In all we see, in day or night,
Of colors that we all expect
And never think we could elect....

To choose whatever colors we
Would now imagine they could be
How wonderful if we could use
Our minds to create any hues.

Just think of a white pussycat
You always loved to pet, and that
He thought, "I'd like to try a change
To green or purple" – My, how strange!

You might not even recognize
Your cat when you looked in his eyes
Especially if he had feet
That now are green -- that would be neat.

He even could then change his nose
From pink to green to match his toes,
And change his tail to silver white
To make him stand out in the night

And what if leaves on a green tree
Decided that they want to be
A shade of orange, pink or brown
When fall came and they all fell down?

How beautiful all kinds of things
Become when vibrant nature sings
And changes right before our eyes
The colors of the earth and skies.

There are so many colors all
Around us -- such as trees in fall;
And all we need to do is see
The beauty there for you and me!
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