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by Kay
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Take a look at what's wrong with our world
What's wrong with our world

-We are homophobic*AwarenessRB*
-We are racist *Paperdoll*
-We are transphobic *AwarenessRB*
-We deeply believe in stereotypes
-We don't realize the struggles going on in other countries *WaterDrop*
-More than half of cases of sex assault don't get justice.
-Our electing system is faulty, it turns the US against each other
-our school system is faulty, it expects every student to fit into a box *BackpackB*
-Schools still aren't safe, no kid should have to be scared to go to school. *BackpackB*
-So many people are homeless and starving *Bread*
-More than half of kids who get in trouble at school go into a life of crime. *BackpackB*
-We take everything for granted
-Drug s are everywhere
-We try to "fix" people
-Tons of disabled people are harassed
If you Agree with any of this, write in the review.
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