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Lincoln gets shrunken while visiting the Casagrandes.
Lincoln saw Sid's long brunette hair coming up right below him. As he fell, he feared the worst and thought he wouldn't make it. But that quickly changed when he landed on top of her head. Lincoln began his dive by falling through the top of the hair and nearly got tangled up in it. He tumbled through rolling around and grunting from each impact with as the hair tossed him around the place. Finally, Lincoln's tumbling ended the moment he reached the ground below him, or in this case, Sid's scalp.

Lincoln got up and shook himself awake after his ride ended. When he got his senses back, he then looked around at where he was. "Wow! I'm really on top of Sid's head. And I'm in her hair." Lincoln said looking around his surroundings. From his point of view, it looked like he was in some kind of giant forest. The hairs around him towered over him like gigantic trees, everywhere he looked, it was like an enormous brunette forest of hairy trees that continued one after the other, and he was no more than a puny insect scurrying all over the place. "Man, now I think I know what some of Lana's pet bugs have to go through when they ride on her body." Lincoln felt a sense of anxiety while he was walking through this humongous forest.

Back with the normal sized people, Sid and Ronnie Anne were now sitting on the edge of Sid's bed after Ronnie Anne started recovering from the noisy headache Lincoln gave her. "Are you okay now, Ronnie Anne?" Sid asked. "Yeah, I think so," she replied. "So, are you up for going to the skatepark and hanging out with Nikki, Sameer, and Casey?" Sid asked as she thought Lincoln was already there waiting for them. Ronnie Anne thought about it and realized that she could've just called him. "You know, maybe I'll just call Lincoln to be sure," she said pulling out her phone and dialing for Lincoln.

Lincoln was still walking through Sid's hair when he felt his phone ringing. He took it out of his pocket and saw it was Ronnie Anne. Lincoln was relieved at this and jumped multiple times with joy. "Ronnie Anne? Yes, I'm saved!" Lincoln shouted with his hope for salvation restored. But before Lincoln was going to answer her call his newfound joy faded as heard some eerily strange noise around him. It sounded like it something buzzing and chomping, and it was somewhere near him. Lincoln turned around and looked at the hair, at first he didn't see anything but the noise was getting much closer to him. "Hello, is someone there?" he asked feeling uneasy as he backed away to the hair trees behind him.

He remembered though that Ronnie Anne called and answered just in time before he missed it. "Lincoln, hey it's Ronnie Anne. We've all been worried about you. Where are you?" she said. "Ronnie Anne listen, I'm still in the apartment. I've just been-" he was cut off as the noise startled him and almost lost his nerve. "You're still here, where?!" Ronnie Anne asked. "Listen! I've shrunken down to bug size and I'm on Sid's head. You've gotta-" he was cut off once more as he saw a shadowy figure hiding in some of the hair. Lincoln could see it shrouded between the hair trees, eyeing him like a lion about to stalk its prey.

"Wait what?! You shrunk? Come on Lincoln quit joking," Ronnie Anne didn't believe him which made Lincoln even more panicked. "No, Ronnie Anne! I'm serious. I'm bug-sized and I'm in Sid's hair and there's something here trying to get me. Help!" Lincoln screamed, but much to his horror, Ronnie Anne hung up on him. "Oh no, she hung up. I've gotta try again before-" Lincoln looked up and ran out of the way as the creature lunged at him. To his surprise, it looked like a giant bug, but from his diminished point of view, it looked more like an eight-legged monster. It was really a head lice and it looked like it was about 3 or 4 times Lincoln's current size. Lincoln looked at the insect with fear and realized that he was now its prey. Seeing that such a tiny parasite could reduce him to a snack made the shrunken boy feel even more insignificant. Lincoln ran through the hair forest and tried to avoid the now oversized pest.

"What was that about?" Sid asked as Ronnie Anne hung up. "Lincoln was talking crazy, he wouldn't say where he was," Ronnie Anne answered with irritation in her voice. "What do you mean crazy?" "Oh, he was just saying something about being shrunken, I don't know," Ronnie Anne answered as Sid raised an eyebrow in confusion. However, Sid's confusion was gone once she felt something bothering her head and lifted her hand to scratch it.

Lincoln was still running from the colossal head lice as it clearly wanted to make him its lunch. He ran around all of the hairs as fast as he could, but with so many giant hair stocks all around him, the white-haired boy got lost through it pretty easily. He couldn't tell where he was going or if he was far away from his predator. "Oh man, why did this have to happen to me?!" he asked in terror. Lincoln got tired and sat down in front of a hair to catch his breath. "I could've been learning how to skateboard from Ronnie Anne and her friends today. Or playing pirates with CJ. Or even hanging out with Ronnie Anne's aunt Frida like she wanted." he said with remorse over today's tiny troubles. "But right now, I think I wouldn't mind hanging out with that little Adelaide girl," he sighed. 'She makes me think of Lola and Lana rolled into one person. What I wouldn't give to be playing with Adelaide and her pet Froggy right now,' Lincoln thought and that thought was enough to bring a smile back to his face.

However, Lincoln's smile faded once he saw his would-be devourer again, ready to go for another round. Lincoln got up and tried to run, but he was still too exhausted to move anywhere. Backing away from the gargantuan insect, Lincoln was on his back as he waited for it to charge at him and thought this would be how his story would end, reduced to a minuscule size to be an insignificant snack for a giant insect. But before he knew it, the bug stopped in its place and Lincoln felt the fleshy ground shaking below the both of them. He looked into the distance and saw that some of the hairs were waving side-to-side and he also heard another strange noise. But this sound wasn't like the lice's buzz, it was more like a scratching sound.

Lincoln stood up and saw that more hairs were moving and then saw that the giant bug left him and scurried away from him. When it was out of sight, Lincoln back away a few steps when the hairs near him started swaying too. And out of nowhere, the source of the noise appeared. It was a fingernail, one that looked a million times bigger than the lice that almost ate Lincoln. "What the? Ahhh!" Lincoln screamed as he ran away from the gigantic nail. He looked back as he was running and saw three more fingers like it. "Sid must be scratching that itch the lice gave her, or it could be from me," Lincoln said realizing what's happening. He tried to run but he wasn't fast enough as the fingers were getting closer. "Just what I need right now. More fingers that want to crush me into oblivion!" he said in annoyance remembering his plight back in Ronnie Anne's ear.

"What's wrong Sid?" Ronnie Anne asked. "Don't worry, just an itch," Sid replied scratching the hairs on her head. Lincoln was still running as fast as he could when he saw something high above him. It looked like a long red bridge that kept some of the hair down. Lincoln was sprinting and then realized what that 'bridge' was. "Wait a minute, that's Sid's headband," he said in realization. "If I can get to it in time, I can avoid her fingers. It's my only hope." Lincoln kept running and saw the headband above some bent hair strands. He grabbed onto the hair and climbed on it as fast as he could. With the fingers coming closer, Lincoln was desperate to reach the top. As he made it on top of a hair strand, Lincoln swayed the hair a bit and used it to swing himself onto the headband. He let and found himself on a collision course with the red 'bridge'. Lincoln just managed to land onto the edge of it and then lifted his whole body on top of the headband. The boy then laid down on it and quickly relaxed once he saw the giant fingers ascending from the surface of the scalp and then right over the headband to the other side of it. "Whew, what a ride," he said relieved.

Ronnie Anne and Sid were leaving the bedroom after Sid stopped scratching her scalp. "So, now what Ronnie Anne, we still can't find Lincoln anywhere." Sid said wondering how to spend the day. "How about if we just head to the park anyway, I bet the guys are already waiting for us there," Ronnie Anne suggested. Sid agreed but then thought she should check on Adelaide. "Hold on a minute, I'll just go see if Adelaide's alright." Sid walked over to her little sister's room and saw her having a tea party with her pet Froggy and her toys. "Hey Adelaide, how're you doing in here?" she asked. "I'm okay Sid. I just really wish Lincoln was here so we could play together," Adelaide said sounding a little bit sad.

Lincoln held on to Sid's headband as best as he could while she was walking and was still amazed by the high view he got from up there. He noticed that Sid was in Adelaide's room and heard how much she wanted to play with him. "You seem to really like Lincoln don't you sis?" Sid asked rubbing Adelaide's hair. Adelaide nodded with a yes. "Why, you just met him," Sid asked wondering why Adelaide was so fond of him. "I know we just met but, Lincoln's been so nice to me and Froggy since he got here," the little girl said. "He played with me, he made me laugh, and he didn't even have a problem when I asked him to join my tea party or when Froggy gave him a kiss with his tongue, unlike Carl." Lincoln thought about what Adelaide was saying and it reminded him of being with his twin sisters at home. "Nobody but you was ever that nice to me Sid. He even helped me bandaged me here after I scraped my knee last night. He's like the big brother I always wanted. A nice, caring, wonderful big brother who's there when I need him." Adelaide said showing the bandage where her knee was injured. Froggy croaked in agreement as he felt the same way for Lincoln. "See even Froggy 2 thinks so."

Adelaide's kind words made Lincoln smile while on Sid's headband, she reminded him of how much he would play with his little sisters when they were a little bit younger. She made Lincoln think about how much the twins, along with the rest of his sisters, appreciated having him for a brother, even if they didn't always show it. "Adelaide's a really good kid. When I get back to normal, I'll definitely give her that play time she wanted," Lincoln said feeling like how he normally did when he made one of his little sisters happy to have him for a brother.

The Chang sisters soon heard a rumbling sound and much to their surprise, it came from Adelaide's belly. "Oh Sid, I'm hungry. Can you get me something to eat please?" Adelaide asked holding her stomach. "Sure Adelaide, I'll be right back," Sid said leaving her sister's room. Lincoln was still hanging on when he saw Sid heading for the kitchen. "Ah there it is," Sid grabbed a small plate with three chocolate chip cookies on it covered in plastic wrap. She walked back into Adelaide's room with the plate in hand. "Here you go Adelaide, enjoy." she said placing the plate on Adelaide tea party table after taking off the plastic wrap. "Thanks Sid!" Adelaide said as she dashed to her sister and quickly hugged her at the waist.

Sid was so surprised by Adelaide's sudden hug that it made her quickly shift her head forward as Adelaide slightly pushed her back. "Okay sis, take it easy. Well me and Ronnie Anne are going out for a while, we'll be back later. Bye," Sid said leaving the room and waving goodbye to Adelaide. However, Sid wasn't the only one surprised by the 6 year old's sudden hug. When she tackled Sid so abruptly, the motion from her head threw Lincoln right off of her headband and tossed him into free fall once again. "Whoa!" he yelled. Lincoln's fall was quickly stopped, however, when he landed somewhere soft that cushioned his drop.

Lincoln opened his eyes and was relieved that he was okay. He also noticed that the place where he landed was pretty soft and mushy as well. When he tried to get up, he felt that he was stuck in this stuff. Lincoln soon got a much clearer look at his current location and noticed that it was brown like the mud that Lana likes to play in. "Where am I? What is this stuff? And why am I smelling-?" Lincoln asked and stopped when he smelled something very familiar that made him feel very uneasy. He licked some of the brown mush that was on his hand and quickly realized where he landed. "Oh no. No no no NO!" he said with fear at his realization.

"This is chocolate, that I'm... I'm... I'm in Adelaide's cookie!" Lincoln shouted and he was right. The force from Adelaide's hug push Sid and sent him flying off of her headband and right into the chocolate chip center of one of Adelaide's cookies. "Snack time Froggy 2." Adelaide said sitting in her chair. "I've gotta get out of here before I become part of that snack." Lincoln said.

Lincoln struggled as he tried to free himself from his chocolatey prison, but it was much too thick for him to escape. "Come on. Come on. Ugh, it's no use. I'm stuck," he said. Lincoln then noticed a shadow covering him. He looked up and saw Adelaide's giant hand reaching down to get one of the cookies. Fortunately for Lincoln, she grabbed one of the cookies that didn't include him. Lincoln watched as she lifted the cookie all the way up to her face, which from his perspective, looked like it was miles above him since Adelaide towered over him as much as everyone else. He gazed in horror as Adelaide's mouth opened opened and the cookie was slowly deposited directly into her gaping maw. His fear increased even further as he saw Adelaide chomp the cookie with her gigantic teeth, especially with her buck teeth in the front. Lincoln could hear the cookie in her mouth being chewed to bits as Adelaide made quick work of it. To Lincoln, it sounded like large rocks being crushed into pebbles, more like a car being smashed in a junkyard, and the smashing just continues. Then the noise ended once she was done and Lincoln saw Adelaide tilt her head back. Lincoln heard a loud gulping noise and watched as the cookie she ate was now a large lump in her throat that sank down and faded into Adelaide's chest never to be seen again.

Lincoln's fear for his life was amplified tremendously as soon as he heard the gulping sound. He realized that could've been him and it was actually ten times worse than being eaten by that giant head lice. "I've gotta get out of here!" Lincoln screamed as he still struggled to get out of the chocolate chip, but still to no avail. Adelaide soon grabbed her second cookie, which was also without the extra white-haired ingredient. Lincoln heard the same process all over again as the sound of Adelaide demolishing the cookie in her mouth filled his ears once more. She swallowed the cookie again as Lincoln was still trying in vain to swim through the thick river of melted chocolate.

Finally, Lincoln realized that his time was up as the shadow from before covered him. He slowly turned around as he felt his tasty prison get lifted into the air. "Adelaide, NO!" he screamed as he felt like he was in an elevator that lifted him up to the sky. Lincoln's face turned pale as Adelaide's giant face took up his entire field of vision, with her eyes just staring down at the cookie he was trapped in. Lincoln tried to scream and wave his arms up to her as she was looking at his prison, but alas, his pleas for help remained unheard. Lincoln felt like Adelaide knew he was on that cookie, to him, it was as if the little girl saw him there and still wanted to eat him, like she only saw him as food that she can just put in her stomach and be done with rather than her new big brother figure. Lincoln knew that wasn't the case but if it was, then he felt like it would make Adelaide happy that he would be apart of her diet and they would be together forever with Lincoln inside her very being.

"Mhm mhm. And now Mr. Cookie, it's your turn. Down the hatch you go!" Adelaide said with her last cookie in her hand. These words were extra loud to Lincoln since he was so close to her mouth. To him, he felt like Adelaide just made his death sentence asking for his last words. Adelaide opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes as her hand moved the cookie straight towards her awaiting maw. "No, HELP! Adelaide stop! Don't eat me!" Lincoln screamed out loud on deaf ears as he saw Adelaide's mouth open wide and he was heading straight into a vortex of death that only smiled at him. It was like it was laughing at his misfortune, happy that he would be reduced to a tasty treat for such an adorable little girl. Lincoln kept screaming as he was getting closer and closer to Adelaide's open mouth. He could see every detail of it. There was the tongue that looked a big red behemoth that was going to slather him in saliva. There were the big white boulders on the top and bottom of the place that were her little teeth. Those teeth, especially her front buck teeth, were Lincoln's executioners and they wanted to smash him into a paste. And lastly, at the end of the big red cave, was the uvula hanging down from the top of the cave pointing straight to Lincoln's final destination. That was the dark tunnel of death that was this six year old's throat, which for Lincoln, is going to be a one-way drop into a dark pit of complete suffering.

"Help! HELP ME!" Lincoln still screamed in vain as his edible entrapment came closer to Adelaide's giant mouth. It was too late now as his journey was just about to end. Lincoln found himself covered in a shadow as the cookie finally arrived in the mouth. Adelaide's front teeth flew right over Lincoln as he found himself engulfed in darkness. In a split second, Adelaide closed her mouth and trapped Lincoln and the cookie inside of it. Her jaw came down on the cookie like a bear trap, and without hesitation, started chewing and breaking the cookie apart. The giant teeth quickly broke the cookie into little pieces, which also split the chocolate chip part that Lincoln was stuck in, finally freeing him from his infernal, sweet prison.

Lincoln was dislodged from the cookie and found himself now on the surface of Adelaide's tongue. He quickly stood up and was shocked at what he saw. Lincoln tried to hold his ground, watching as the cookie that he was previously trapped was now being chomped, mashed, and completely massacred by the gigantic white boulders around him.

And to think, this was all happening inside the mouth of such an innocent and adorable 6-year old girl. Lincoln looked in fear as he saw Adelaide munch on the cookie, listening to the ear-splitting crunching sounds that her teeth made with each bite. 'Oh man, that could be me,' Lincoln thought, but he didn't have much time to ponder that as he felt himself get thrown around the place this way and that by Adelaide's tongue. "Whoa!" he yelled. Adelaide's tongue moved him in all directions along with the giant crumbs that were left of the cookie. Lincoln soon found himself on a big white surface and instantly knew where he was. He landed on top of her tooth right next to a big bit of the cookie. Lincoln looked up and saw the giant molars coming straight down on him. "AHHHH!" he screamed and ran to the edge of the tooth. Lincoln was desperate and made a daring leap back onto the tongue before the upper molar could come down and crush him into nothing. It was no time to celebrate though as he was still facing a 'huge' problem, not just avoiding the crunching teeth now, but also being drenched in saliva and wet, melted chocolate from the chocolate from the snack's chocolate chips.

A few minutes passed and Adelaide's mouth was still making the cookie, or what was left of it, into a pile of paste on her tongue. Lincoln was exhausted from being tossed around her mouth and almost lost the feeling in his legs. Panting heavily, Lincoln was on his knees begging for it to end. However, he was about to get his wish as he felt the tongue and the teeth completely stop moving. Lincoln sighed in relief thinking that his problems were over. Little did he know that it was going to get much worse.

"Oh no," he felt the entire place shift as the tongue's surface was inclining itself at a rising angle. Adelaide was tilting her head up about to swallow her snack, and Lincoln along with it. Lincoln saw the mushy cookie paste start sliding to the back of the tongue and with him being too tired to move after that chewing phase, he got caught in the paste as it was about to make its final journey. The paste was sliding near the back of the tongue and Lincoln knew what was coming next, Adelaide's throat. His eyes widened in terror as he came closer to the dark abyss down below. "I've gotta get out of this or else I'm done for. I don't want to be lunch!" he said trying to get out of the chewed cookie mush.

Lincoln thought it was all over until he saw his salvation up above him, Adelaide's uvula. Fortunately, there was an undamaged crumb right next to him and to Lincoln, it was the size of a giant boulder. "I can still survive this," he said with his confidence renewed and climbed onto the crumb. Lincoln saw the throat entrance open and focused on his target. When he got close enough, Lincoln jumped from the crumb and quickly grabbed the uvula. Afterward, he looked down and watched as the crumb and paste flowed down into Adelaide's throat on its way to her stomach.

"Whew, oh man was that close." Lincoln said. "Mmm, those were good." A loud voice echoed around Lincoln as he felt the entire place shake. Adelaide was talking which made Lincoln feel her mouth vibrate from it and shook the uvula as Lincoln held onto it. However, he noticed that the appendage was also covered in saliva and felt his grip on it slipping. "Oh no. Not now." Lincoln said as he tried to hold on tighter to the uvula. However, Lincoln's grasp of her uvula caused Adelaide to gag which shook it even more, and worse, she started coughing from it. "*cough* That hurts!" Adelaide said and felt something in her throat. "Must be a cookie crumb." She coughed a little more and then stopped.
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