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I tried everything to get my daughters back in my life & this was one of the first efforts
Today I visited my garden
It's a place where memories once lived
Where love once ruled over sadness
And all who came believed

That in quiet and secluded corners
There lived mysterious little beings
Some said they had to be fairies
With their own eyes they had seen

Which took me back to my childhood
When I had seen them too
But today as I sat and listened
If those fairies were still around

For those who once believed
Have forgotten this garden of love
And that fairies only live
In gardens where love is found

Where sadness has now taken over
And love isn't here any more
I think the fairies have departed
As I sit here on my own

Will love ever return?
To a garden that was overflowing
With love and joy and wonder
The place they once called home
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