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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2238263
Ronald is an unfortunate American teen and becomes a symbol of demonic dance.
Ronald was excitedly preparing for high-school and was dating the popular American teen girl Sheila since 8th grade in junior-high and anticipated a fun and visceral freshman year with her. His expectations were met when he and Sheila enjoyed two great first years at Lincoln High, in Standish, Virginia. Ronald knew he'd take Sheila to the junior prom. However, in that junior year, Ronald's younger sister Edie got a black magic Ouija board and began playing with it and counting demons and spirits who'd evoke terrible and frightening omens and wishes.

Edie wanted to use her new Ouija black magic toy to wish for things like great money for her older brother Ronald, asking for some strange fortune so Ronald and his girlfriend Sheila would become even more popular at Lincoln High and perhaps even take her along on some of their dates together. Edie was in 8th grade herself now and was enthusiastic about playing all kinds of metaphysical games to make her life journey feel and seem more exotic. However, her Ouija experiments would invoke the presence of a terrifying underworld specter who'd send the young and bright Ronald hurling towards hell.

Ronald and Edie's parents decided to send their two teenage kids to a psychiatrist, since they noticed the two of them were exhibiting somewhat emotional behaviors at home, now that they were both in advanced years in junior high and high school. Their parents wanted their shrink to talk to their teen kids about the complexity of adult growth and the challenges of emotional temperance in a world beset by mind games and mind's ambitions. Ronald and Edie agreed and performed joint sessions at the psychiatrist's office and led to the confession that Edie was using black magic to ornament and speed up Ronald's life in Virginia

However, Edie's Ouija experiments didn't just lead to random social intrigue and complications for her older brother Ronald. No, sir, Ronald in fact began seeing terrible visions of burning schools. Something in the poor boy simply snapped. Ronald raped and decapitated his beautiful girlfriend Sheila before procuring a machine gun which he psychotically used to kill over 20 people at Lincoln a high one Friday afternoon before killing himself. He left an eerie death note which oddly read, "I was haunted by a Ouija specter my poor sister Edie released and compelled me to turn from an American captain into a damned thief of darkness.
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