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For Daily Flash Fiction challenge. A teen couple gets turned away from the dance.
Clara hugged me, and I realised she was crying. I hadn’t wanted to come to the stupid prom, but it had been a big deal to Clara. Even I had to admit, I’d started looking forward to it; drinking Smirnoff Ice and listening to Pendulum while her mum did our makeup.

“Boy-girl couples only,” I swear Mrs. Bridges had actually enjoyed turning us away. She really was a witch of a woman, I thought as I dialled home.

“Kicked out already, sis?” Talia’s mocking voice answered.

“Piss off!” I tried to keep my voice level, but the lump in my throat made it hard to speak.

“What’s happened?” she responded tersely, instantly shifting into big-sister mode. I explained as best I could between humiliated sobs.

Her frigid rage was palpable through the phone. “Sit tight, I’ll come get you.”

The screeching of brakes heralded her arrival, battered old car slamming to a halt directly in front of the dance hall. I sucked in my breath, but Talia didn’t skip a beat.

“Does anyone else know about this?” She demanded, sweeping past without waiting for an answer.

The air crackled around her as she bore down on Mrs. Bridges; Talia was truly a force of nature. She didn’t raise her voice - she didn’t have to. After a minute, she turned to us.

“Still want to crash the party?” The faux lightness made it clear we wouldn’t be turned away again. I looked at Clara, questioningly.

“Nah, I can wait for the afterparty.” she announced loudly, shooting Mrs. Bridges a look of pure loathing.

A gathering crowd watched as we made for the car. At the last moment, I pulled Clara into me for a passionate, lingering kiss, revelling in the rebellious act of being in love.
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