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When all you have is a wish.
I wish I never saw the light,
that streamed across the room.
From you to me and me to you,
once upon a night.

I wish the words I said,
would shrivel up and die.
And all that is left unspoken,
would unwind like a piece of thread.

I wish I never looked into your eyes,
to see what I thought I knew.
The silence of the untold truth,
you still keep from me like lies.

I wish I could erase each thought.
On each day, second and for life time.
As I sit and wonder in this empty space,
with words I regret, lost like a cosmonaut.

I wish you would just be honest,
As in between me and you, you and me,
there’s a ghost story of something unknown.
Like words lost in an ocean, emotions in a forest.

I wish I never...
Never ever,
Met you.
But however...
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