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World population 7.8 billion and rising. Earth cannot support us so a reduction is needed.
Our rise to ultimate domination
Is plagued by evil and sin
Taking without thought or consideration
And giving back nothing in return

Should we feel shame...or even sorrow?
For all the species gone before
Because of our reckless and deliberate actions
And our mistreatment of Mother Earth

Now panic and incredulous astonishment
That there could be some kind of redress
Arrogance makes us vulnerable
To such a small, but pernicious foe

Yet, this is not how it is
The disputant we all fear comes in peace
Not taking our young or the strong
But thinning out our populous herd

As a hunter carefully selects his quarry
And a lion takes down only the weak
Covid comes and delivers us strength
By reducing a vastly overpopulated Earth
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