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This is a poem about "Our World".
Look! Look at our world today,
Full of sin and pain
Grief and sorrows,
Are what fill our hearts and souls.
Our world has changed,
Things that made us laugh now make us cry.
Things that brought us joy and pleasure now make us sad and uncomfortable.
Things that motivated us now discourage and break us.
Things that brought us strength just weaken us now.
Our world has changed,
People steal, people kill.
Children are dying, children are crying,
Whom can they run to.
O Lord,
Bless our world,
Heal our world,
So that one day,
We’ll reach back,
Sit and relax,
Think and thank the Lord,
For our world.
(The writer is a patriotic teenager concerned about her home, our world and determined to positively affect the world.)
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