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A story about a lone wolf who finds some pups who were kicked out with their mother.
It was a late summer eve, at the den of the Lunar pack, the daughter of the alpha, Luna just found out shes about to have pups she hurried to tell her mother her mother rushed her to the healers den, there she delivered two healthy wolf pups, she was scared to tell her father, the alpha of the pack, However the healers already told him.Later that night Luna abd the pups, who she hasn't named yet, are asleep like everyone exept her father.Quietly her father sneaks into her room and carries her and the pups far into the forbiden forest, When he got far enough he hopped in a puddle to mask his smell then set off for home, without Luna.In the morning Luna was awoken by the sound of a gunshot she wondered where she was, but then she realized how close the shot was she grabbe the pups and ran as fast as she could.At that very moment she saw a cave she walked in seeking shelter, she looked around she didnt see anyone but she saw a small hole in the ground, She thought "maybe down here is safer."She stated down the hole and she heard another shot and scurried down the hole.She walked into a cave bigger than the one up top she explored holding one pup in her mouth and one on her back.She was about to turn to go back to leave, but right when she turned a big black and grey wolf twice her size stood infront of her, he lies down now at her eye level.She stood there scared, he finally spoke"Who are you and why are you in my cave?"She stared frozen in fear eventually she answered him"Im sorry i didnt know this was your cave i just needed to hide.",he asked"Hide from who?"Right before she answered him another gunshot went off closer this time."Come follow me!"he said now there was panic in his voice.He ran into a side den in the cave, she followed him in, he then moved a rock infront of the entrance.She was about to thank him, but he put his paw over her muzzel and shushed her.She listenes to outside to small side den, there is silence for along time.Then a walking starts.
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