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by Joyous
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A Story About an Idol
I must maintain your kingdom
I'll always be by your side
I was there right from the beginning
When the old one had to die

And through the tears and rubble
I helped you say goodbye
And we built a new foundation
For you to reach new heights

I must maintain your kingdom
I always have to try
I watched your growth surpass mine
And idolized you by

Looking back, you saw me yearning
And promised to push me through
But I wonder when you saw me
As less than equal to

I must maintain your kingdom
And give it all my time
This framework is new and fragile
I can't bear to see you cry

But these pillars are warped and prickly
You seem to see it too
But you're too afraid of falling
You won't fight these demons too

I must maintain your kingdom
I helped to give it life
And if I could get you to listen
I might save it in time

But now I stand opposed you
My thoughts vile and rude
How dare I even talk to you
With such an attitude

I must maintain your kingdom
That's all I have to do
Success is all hard work
And I can do it too

And no, it's not perfection
It's just the best way through
And if I gave it any thought
I'd agree with her way too

I must maintain your kingdom
Without it I might lose mine
So close is our friendship
Our lives too intertwined

Your thorns are long and biting
And I wonder if its true
To try to save from drowning
You end up drowning too

I must maintain your kingdom
Cross my t's and dot my i's
And now you're always watching
For any changes I devise

The air has now fell stagnant
For all that you still try
Have you seen the fatal flaws yet?
Or do you turn a blind eye?

I must maintain your kingdom.
A kingdom that passes me by,
Where my dreams, my thoughts, my ideas
Will always be a lie.

And every word against it
Is naught but a baby's cry
So rise and take my mantle
And carry it with pride.

I must maintain your kingdom.
Why? Am I allowed to ask why?
All the stress and fear and fleeing
Can't be what's meant in mine.

I must transform my ethics
Why? When I was sublime?
Sure my dreams were lowly,
But I had a lot more time

To sit, and rest, and smile.
So why? Why should I try?
When none of your aspirations
Give a chance for me to fly?

Yet here I stand beside you
Because it's easier to hide
Your voice comes out when speaking
Your name mistook as mine

I must maintain your kingdom
Serving at your side
My idol's dreams are blooming
While mine idly die.
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