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Tentigo is your average farm boy, but lacks confidence. That is until he meets Him.

A Simple Seduction

Tentigo was all alone for once. His simple life on the farm left him little time to himself, but now he had time. It took a lot of work and some begging to get a day off, but now he could finally fully admire himself in the mirror. His warm tan skin still gleamed with a thin film of sweat which slipped between his fingers when he stroked his thighs. The sight of his own naked body was like an elusive creature which he only caught glimpses of after a shower. Now he could fully admire it.

He was somewhat shorter than his brothers and a lot thinner than them, which made work extremely hard on the farm for him. His brothers constantly mocked him for his weak appearance none the less. He ran a finger on his smooth skin. He knew it wasn't the norm, but he liked to shave off his hair. He found a smooth body to be a soothing body.

He tilted his sleek body back and forth, giving himself bedroom eyes as he did so. His smooth skin was like a soft pillow where he touched it. He tilted his back towards the mirror so that his smooth rear was visible. With a seductive look in his eye he stroked a spot on one of his cheeks before striking it, resulting in a loud smack. He jumped at how loud it was and blushed a little. The risk of getting caught gave him a slight erection. What if one of his brothers caught him now...

He then noticed something in the mirror. At first, he thought it was a glint of the morning sun, but then realised that it was a snow-white hand forming in his reflection. He looked around the room, looking for someone, but saw not a single living soul in his room. When his eyes went back to the mirror, he saw a man without a head in his mirror. His skin was a white such as the finest marble and as smooth as the greatest alabaster. A delicate hand mirror floated above the man's neck which contained the image of a white mask inside of it. As the mask's expression morphed to have an eyebrow raised, the red bowtie which the man was wearing twitched along. Tentigo then realised that the bow was all that the man was wearing.

Tenitgo's eyes went wide as they were drawn to the man's large cock. Before he could think of another word, the man reached through the mirror and grabbed Tentigo by the wrist. With great force, he was pulled into the mirror and the world around him went dark. He was engulfed by an embracing warmth. After a moment he could see again. In front of him stood the man, now fully erect. He seemed to be in a bedroom lit by candles, but there were no walls except for a black abyss beyond the rouge carpet. He looked up to the man, but his eyes kept being drawn towards the marble cock. It looked like a rock but moved and throbbed like it was made of flesh and blood. He bit his lower lip and realised that his own erection was growing strong. He tried to hide it, half out of fearing it would be smaller and half out of not wanting to show how horny he was from what has happened.

"No need to hide yourself here," boomed the man's voice. "Here you will be free to indulge your fantasies."
Tentigo lowered his hands but directed his eyes to his feet. "W-where am I?" stuttered Tentigo.
"You are in my domain."
"W-who are you?"
There was a pause as the man took a deep breath. "I," he began and put a hand to his chest. "am Confidence!"
Confidence's voice echoed into the darkness but seemed to come back to Tentigo in whispers. "I know of your hidden lust," continued Confidence. "It calls out to me with your every fantasy and became an irresistible cry with your erotic display."
"I-I ain't no looker, mister," responded Tentigo. "And I was merely making acquaintance with my own appearance."
"You cannot hide your hidden nature from me," said Confidence. "Nobody is perfect, and you are no exception."
"Well, I have never been with anybody else. I don't think I would even know where to begin."
"That is why I brought you here, my dear."
"I-I can't do it with a man, that's against the good book's teachings and father always says..."
"Father isn't here, Tentigo," said Confidence as he approached the young lad. He grabbed Tentigo's erection and gave it a quick glance before returning to stare into Tentigo's eyes. "And your member tells another story."

A mere whimper escaped from Tentigo's lips as he felt the touch of another man and found himself at a loss for words. "That's a good lad," whispered Confidence. He then let go of the boy and walked over to a cushion placed in front of the bed. He turned around and motioned for Tentigo to come closer. Tentigo felt as if he was in a dream. He could not resist the motions of Confidence and moved closer at a slow pace. He felt his will of decency melt away with each passing moment and lusted for Confidence the closer he came to the bed. Once he reached the cushion, Confidence laid a strong hand on Tentigo's shoulder.

"Kneel," commanded Confidence. Tentigo followed the order without a moment's hesitation and laid his knees on the cushion. He stared up at Confidence waiting for the next word. Confidence gave a smirk and sat on the edge of the bed in front of Tentigo. Confidence's cock now hovered in front of Tentigo's face and the lad stared at it with his mouth agape. "First, I think you need a lesson in pleasuring a partner," said Confidence. "Show me what you know of giving a blowjob."
"A b-blowjob?" asked Tentigo.
Confidence gave a slight sigh. "You see my member, Tentigo?" asked Confidence patiently.
Tentigo gave a nod. "Don't you feel the need to give it a lick?"
Tentigo stared at the cock. He opened his mouth further and stuck his tongue out towards the throbbing cock. When his tongue stroked the tip, he felt a shudder of want resonating through him. When he brought his tongue back into his mouth, he savoured the strange taste of the dick and the precum he licked off it. With newfound confidence he took the entire tip into his mouth, licking it all over and sucking gently. He looked up towards Confidence and saw his pleased expression. He stopped for a moment and licked his lips. "Am I doing good?" he asked seeking for approval.
"Beyond excellent," responded Confidence. "Now take it one step deeper."

Tentigo turned his attention back to the cock and opened his mouth wide for it. He once again took the tip into his mouth, but then moved his head further down the shaft. He bobbed his head back and forth making gentle grunting noises. Confidence moaned his approval. As Tentigo continued to pleasure, he reached for his own member. Just before he touched it his hand was kicked away. "No touching," commanded Confidence. "This is to teach how to pleasure others, not yourself."
Tentigo continued gently sucking and bobbing his head but moaned that he could not relieve himself. Confidence gave a short grunt. "Now to take it all the way..." he muttered. Confidence placed a hand behind Tentigo's head and shoved his dick fully into Tentigo's mouth. Tentigo's eyes went wide and teared up a little as he found himself no longer able to breath. He continued to suck but gave Confidence a few worried glances. "This... huff... is where most... huff... fail to succeed without practice," said Confidence between taking deep breaths. "So, we are going to... huff... skip all that... huff... and take you to your limit."
Tentigo felt his eyes grow even wider than they already were. He already felt at his but continued to suck the magnificent marble man's cock. With each suck he felt his need for air become greater. Confidence seemed to be breathing heavily enough for the two of them. He sucked for a few seconds and tried to pull his head out but found that Confidence's grip was too strong, and he wouldn't be getting air unless Confidence said so. In his search for a breath of air, he found himself sucking the cock as if it were feeding him oxygen. His entire world seemed to close in upon the dick and his limited amount of air. He stared up towards Confidence looking for any sign of empathy. All he found was that Confidence returned his pleas by shoving his cock deeper into Tentigo's throat. Tentigo's struggles became more desperate as he sought to escape a darkness that began to creep into his vision. He found that his attempts to pull out became more frantic and frequent. They reached a peak as he used all of his remaining might to get air into his lungs but was met with nothing but the iron clad strength of Confidence. His struggles soon turned to weak pulls as he lost his energy with each suck of the cock. As he felt his eyes become heavy, air hit his lungs and cum soon rained down upon his face. Some of the cum landed in his mouth. Between each gasp he swallowed every bit that made its way in there.

"A full minute," said Confidence taking a look at a clock that materialised in the darkness. "You made it a lot further than others do with your experience. Now that's one fantasy checked."
Tentigo looked down at his unsatisfied cock. "Don't you worry about that," said Confidence. "We'll fix that problem in just a minute, but first we need to clean up a bit."
With the snap of his fingers, all the cum was cleaned off Tentigo's face. It also appeared that Confidence was once again roaring and ready to go. "Now I don't play tit for tat," said Confidence. "But I do know how to return the favour."

He helped up the lad up and showed him to the bed. "Lay down for a bit while I get some supplies."
Tentigo slid unto the bed and laid a head on one of the satin pillows. The bed felt as if it was giving him a gentle hug and the pillows seemed to wrap his head in smooth comfort. "Are you ready for round two?" asked Confidence. The lad turned to Confidence and saw that the marble man had a bottle of lube in the one hand. A smirk spread across Tentigo's face as he knew what came next.

Tentigo rolled over to his stomach and lifted his rear by propping himself up with his knees. He laid his head on one of the pillows with his arms underneath and closed his eyes. "I know that you have been wanting this for quite some time," said Confidence. "But I think I'll show you another delight first."
Confidence put his supplies to the far side of the bed and crawled on to it. He made his way to the lad as a predator would to their prey. He eyed his prey with a vicious lust in his eyes. When he was just behind the boy, he grabbed one of the boy's cheeks. He revealed Tentigo's winking hole with a pinching motion and gave it a devilish look.

The moment that Confidence began rimming Tentigo, the lad moaned with pleasure. It felt like a fire spawned from the simplest movements of the tongue to Tentigo. With each lick Tentigo's body rocked with emotion. Tentigo moaned his approval and moved his ass further towards the origin of his joy. Each moment felt like an intense blast. Then it stopped. Tentigo's head shot up towards Confidence. "This was only the primer," said Confidence in a teasing tone. "Now for the main course."

Confidence reached for the lube and opened the bottle as he grabbed it. He brought it over to the slightly lubricated ass and poured a cold droplet of lube on the waiting hole. Tentigo felt a shiver run down his spine as the cold liquid touched him. Confidence then poured himself a drop of lube and spread it over his erection. He moved closer and got his cock right before the lad's ass. "Are you ready?" asked Confidence.
"I have been waiting for this forever," replied Tentigo.

Confidence slowly pierced Tentigo with his cock garnering a loud moan from the boy. Tentigo never felt something this large go inside of him. He turned his head and gave Confidence a sultry smile urging the man to go deeper. As the shaft went deeper into him, Tentigo felt something build up inside of him. At first it was a dull pleasure that built up, but soon it felt like an electric charge going off. Then Tentigo was hit with a wave of pleasure. A bolt of it rushed through him and gathered in his loins. He felt himself lightly thrust his hips further unto Confidence's cock and back again. With that Confidence went into full force. With each thrust Tentigo felt the wave of pleasure over and over again, with each one being greater than the last. Confidence was breathing heavily now and Tentigo felt sweet whimpers escape his lips. His moans became louder until they were absolute cries of pleasure. Confidence held on Tentigo's hips and used them to make each thrust as intense as possible. The room became a crescendo of panting, moaning and cries of lust. Tentigo felt the waves now hanging and culminating upon each other. A burning fire was between his legs. A static of pleasure hung within him. He felt fit to burst.

With a final strangled cry, Tentigo released all that was built up inside of him. As he did, he felt a torrent fill his insides causing him to cum again and with even more power than before. A deep sigh left him as he did so. He was bathed in ecstasy and electric pleasure. After his release, Tentigo collapsed on the bed, slipping off of Confidence's wet cock. Confidence straightened out and looked down to the spent lad. He gave Tentigo's check a stroke and told him gently, "Rest now, my precious pet. If you ever wish to remind yourself of what you deserve, just call to me in your mirror."

As the words faded into Tentigo's mind, he felt the bed beneath him become harder and the pillow underneath his head thinner. When he looked up, he found himself to be back in his room. He was still naked, but completely clean. He saw that the sun was now setting. He looked around frantically for any sign that he didn't dream everything that just happened. When he looked over the edge of his bed he found a single scarlet pillow and a bottle of lube beside it.

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