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by Norman
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He wished that he could join the fun
He sat up on the highest branch
where he could see it all.
The squirrel watched the little boy
out playing with a ball.

The squirrel saw the boy a lot.
He liked to watch him play.
He wished that he could join the fun
if only for a day.

The boy was there all by himself
with no one else around.
He threw the ball up in the air
and bounced it on the ground.

He had no one to play catch with;
he didn’t have a friend.
So he would just play by himself,
his own game of pretend.

The squirrel got an acorn nut
and threw it from the tree.
It landed right beside the boy
who squinted up to see.

The squirrel hurled another nut
and chattered at the lad,
who smiled as he looked up above.
He was no longer sad.

The squirrel climbed down from the tree
and scampered ‘cross the grass.
The boy just stood and watched him move.
The squirrel was so fast.

The squirrel took another nut
and tossed it in the air.
He caught it with a slight of hand
you won’t see anywhere.

The boy just watched without a word.
He smiled with delight.
He grinned at his new furry friend,
his eyes were shining bright.

The boy picked up another nut
from there beneath the trees.
He pitched it to his newfound friend
who handled it with ease.

He caught it in his little paws
as it was passing by.
He could play for the New York Mets
the way he snagged that fly.

Those summer days just flew on by
and most days were the same.
The squirrel and the boy would meet;
each day they played their game.

Too soon the weather changed for worse.
The days were getting short.
Those nuts they had tossed back and forth
were more than just for sport.

The squirrel had to bury them.
Those games of catch were done.
They’d have to wait for six long months
‘til they could have their fun.

The squirrel burrowed in his nest
to pass the winter days.
The little boy went off to school
and back to his old ways.

But both of them could hardly wait
‘til warm days came again
and they would have a catch once more,
the squirrel and his friend.

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