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A poem about intrusive thoughts
Hey, turn your car into oncoming traffic
I wish my thoughts weren't becoming graphic
My brain's plumbing is holographic
Choke on ice while humming seraphic

Hey, stab yourself with that nice clean knife
Photographic memories are keen with strife
A shrill voice in my head like a mean ex-wife
My suffering an obscene fife
A pitiful unclean walk of life

Hey, that scarf would make a nice soft noose
My gut burns with gastric juice
Gag reflex has won't have a truce
My darker thoughts I now set loose

Hey, one thing that I have learned
Is that these thoughts should not be spurned
There is no need to be concerned
Anxiety can be adjourned
I've let my fear be overturned

Hey, do not fear these average thoughts
They're not sheer paranormal plots
It doesn't appear you need crackpots
To have severe intrusive thoughts

Hey, now that I've accepted them
I don't succumb to my brain stem
I intercept this mental phlegm
Through the white noise, I can skim
I grasp this knowledge like a gem

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