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A tale about how freedom is more important
"Propose me"- that is what he said. ~1~
She came from the city of joy and he came from the city of 100 percent literacy. She was optimistic and he was practical. She was rational and he was emotional. People's opinion mattered to him and she had a 'no fucks given' attitude. This was how opposite they were. ~2~
She really do not remember how their friendship began. There were no common factors to begin with. Yet somehow he became the most important person of her life in a short time. ~3~
She wanted to explore the world, hence she ran as fast as she could from her life to this far away land. New place, new people gave her a thrill. She met him first in the college library. His nemesis was her best friend in the college. It was second semester of college, 6 months has already gone by in the blink of the eye. She was all settled down in her new routine. Exams were approaching. Everybody was referring to the previous year question papers. She also thought lets just have a look, so she went to the library. There a boy was sitting with the file she wanted. She went to her and saw he was clicking pictures of the question paper. ~4~
'Phone was not allowed in the library'- she thought. ~5~
Anyways, her friend was waiting for her outside the college. She has to be quick and looking at him she thought it is going to take some time. He noticed her staring at the file and asked- 'Do you want the question papers? ~6~'
Startled she replied- ' huh? Oh yes! Will you take time? ~7~'
He looked at the file and said apologetically- 'yes actually. But i can send them to you if you want. ~8~'
She thought and replied- 'really? That would be great. Thank you' and gave her number to him. ~9~
That was their first of the many encounters. ~10~
Gradually he became her study partner, library mate and a friend. How this transition happened they do not know. But both were grateful for it. ~11~
He resonated to her thoughts with the same frequency and that is how she got a friend with whom she can enjoy any mindless chatters. Their useless natters irritated his other friend but he never cared. Soon they started spending all their waking hours with each other. They shared everything with each other. And this was getting attention from their other college mates. But her friends knew how of a just friend he was. So they never paid heed to their conversations. ~12~
Just to know each other a little better, they always used to play games- be it truth or dare or never have I ever or would you rather. They did not need anyone else to amuse themselves. They both were enough for each other. ~13~
So one time they were having their usual conversations when she mentioned another boy of her college, she had a crush on. ~14~
And he told her-'He is not at all her type. ~15~'
She asked -'And you know what my type is? ~16~'
He replied-'of course, i know. Who else will know if I don't? I know you. But do you know me? ~17~'
She answered-' I know you better than you know yourself"
He got an idea and said "lets test it out. Propose me. ~18~"
Bewildered she asked "what? ~19~"
He said -"Propose to me. ~20~ Like tell me the ideal proposal for me"
She mulled over and replied-"ok, lemme think'
And she did. She did propose him and in such a way which brought tears to his eyes yet a smile was there on his face. She knew his deepest desire and used it to her advantage and anyways words were always her favourite thing to play with. She painted such a beautiful proposal in his mind with her words that for the first time he realized he was in love with her. He noticed what his friends were trying to tell him all along. He was silent but inside he wanted to scream out loud that he was in love. He did not say anything though- just smiled with tear brimmed eyes and said yes to the proposal. ~21~
She said-'see I told you, that I know you better than yourself'
Months passed and their friendship continued... ~22~
Not once he mentioned about his feelings to her. It was time for their college trip. After this trip, only exams were left and college was going to end. And who knows when they will meet again. ~23~
He thought-'I should tell her about my feelings. She only says all the time that we should never have any regrets. ~24~
Right. I should tell her. ~25~'
He was excited for the trip. This was their first outing together. He was happy thinking about all the time they will get to spend together. ~26~
They boarded the bus and sat together. Music was blasting from the speakers and her friends were dancing. They were forcing her to dance too. But she was adamant that she does not want to. So he convinced her and she started dancing with glee full eyes and a soft smile on her face. And he watched her; watched her glowing in the neon lights, swaying to the beat of the music, eyes sparkling with mischief, her hair was open and was sticking to her face, her soft features were glistening with sweat, she was happy. Seeing her letting loose made him fall for her again. ~27~
It was the last day of their trip. They were enjoying the bonfire in the beach. Her friends were all snug in the blankets or with their boyfriends. Soft tunes were playing from the guitar, someone was swaying in the chilled wind. A bunch of her friend were playing truth and dare. Their boisterous laughter was echoing in throughout the beach. Everyone was in their own bubble. ~28~
And there she was sitting quieting, gazing at the night sky studded with stars, listening to the crashing waves. She looked peaceful. He went and sat beside her. ~29~
She looked at him and -'I do not want this night to end. I want the time to stop and i want to engrave these memories to her heart. ~30~'
He smiled and she leaned on his shoulder. He gazed at her with longing and mumbled-'I love you. ~31~'
And that was the end of their beautiful friendship. His love towards her blinded him from the fact that she is a seasonal bird. She does not stay at the same place for long time in the fear of getting attached to it. She would never be able to reciprocate his feelings since she does not know the meaning of love. She only knows the meaning of freedom and love for her were the chains that would stop her from flying again, soaring up in the sky. ~32~
This is the reason some things are better left unsaid... ~33~
They started as strangers and ended up being strangers again. ~34~

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