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Off in search for the old one.
         They got away, and these people are not moving fast enough to stop them. The armored hero pondered this as he stared at the assembled group. The faster we get Tuxley out of comission, the better off we will be

         Granville and Mahala Midgely looked nothing like their son. They looked ready to grace the cover of a magazine. Granville's teeth shone, and several young women swooned at the sight of him. Young women clamored for Mahala's attention, asking for tips about beauty and romance.

         Silverbolt looked at Clara and Gabe Midgely in their embrace and then back to the parents. "I'll be in the rafters." I need to go over the facts in my head.

         "Constance Penelope Reynard, where are you?" A shrill voice said.

         An older version of Constance entered the foyer. A pair of guards stood on either side of her. Her steps were light and graceful. The red and black gown fluttered around her ankles. Constance rushed to her.

         I better get this conversation out of the way. He walked towards Sophie only to have her guards block the way. They sneered at the masked hero. "Stay back."

         The hard way it is. The armored body dropped into a horse stance and drew the batons. "You can move or get a shit-kicking."

         The first guard attacked with a thick broadsword. A baton knocked it out wide and exposed the guard's chest. Silver armor banged against the ground as Silverbolt rolled into an uppercut. A painting fell off the wall after the guard crashed into it.

         The second guard stabbed at the hero's back only to have his blade clapped between the heavy gauntlets. "I think you need more practice." Silverbolt released the sword, swept the guard down, and drove his fist into the scarred face.

         Sophie's brown eyes went colder than the arctic. Silverbolt pointed at the fallen guards. "They started it." All they had to do is walk away.

         Constance clapped her hand against her forehead. "Do you care about first impressions?" she turned to her mother. "I am sorry..."

         "I believe the young man should apologize." She stood in front of the silver-clad hero and tapped her foot. "I'm waiting."

         I can make the situation better or make it worse.
"I'm sorry your guards are terrible at their job." Worse it is.

         "Excuse me? I'll have you know they graduated from the guard's academy with honors." Sophie crossed her arms and turned her nose up at him.

         She and the Damn Girl are so much alike. "I think they need to go back and brush up on the basics."

         Constance put her face in her hands and groaned. "I saw this day going different in my head."

         "I assure you they've been doing this longer than you. Two years..." Sophie trailed off because Silverbolt was laughing.

         "I have five years of chasing criminals and psychopaths under my belt." He paused and cleared his throat. "Your guards provoked me. I gave them a choice, move, or receive a shit-kicking. They chose to get their shit kicked."

         "Constance, we are leaving this instant." She got right up in Madame Cuttles' face. "I am pulling my daughter out. I shudder to think what exposure to this ruffian will do to her."

         The Midgely's seemed indifferent to the incident and kept their attention on Clara and Gabe. Clara waved to Constance and giggled.

         The mask with the crossed lightning bolts on it stared at Madame Cuttle. "How mad do you think Sophie will be?"

         "About what?" The frizzy-haired caretaker rubbed her temples. "Did you have to fight the guards?"

         "You do recall I can't be more than 150 feet from the Damn girl, right?"

         "How do you plan to explain that?"

         "I'll tell the truth, and if it doesn't suit her, I'll make up an outlandish tale about man-eating deer."

         A smile cracked the angry visage of Madame Cuttle. "You are a terrible person."

         "It's part of my charm."

         The next moment he walked beside Constance. Who struck him with her parasol. "What is wrong with you? Mother's guards?" On the fifth strike, the parasol broke. She stopped, stared at it, her eyes welled up, darted into the closest room, and slammed the door.

         Poisoned blades shot from Sophie's eyes right at the armored hero. "See what you did." She followed her daughter and locked the door.

         Silverbolt leaned against the door. "All I can do now is wait."

         Madame Cuttle came and sat next to him and rubbed his shoulder. Anything I can do to help?"

         "Can you send someone into town?" I know the parasol means the world to her. I feel the same way about the meteor hammer.


         Sophie cradled Constance in her arms. Motherly hands stroked the midnight hair. "How did you meet him?"

         Ruby lips recounted the tale of their first meeting. "I've never met anyone like him. He calls himself a superhero." I don't doubt mother's guards provoked him, but he could've exercised some restraint.

         Brown eyes squinted in thought while delicate hands stroked her daughter's hair. "Lord Tuxley is a stain on our lives. Your grandparents, goddess rest their souls, arranged a marriage between us, just before I met your father."

         Constance made a retching noise. "Lord Tuxley is a pig of a man. He took up with a maid during our dinner and had the nerve to ask me back. He's still obsessed with you."

         "I had no idea. How did you find out."

         "The night of the party, Lord Schaefer and Rexword spoke of it. We discovered Lord Schaefers's chamber of horrors. Silverbolt said he was a serial killer." They got away. It has to be eating Silverbolt alive.

         "What pray tell is a serial killer?"

         "Well, they murder for psychological gratification and often kill their victims in the same way, and sometimes are type-specific when it comes to their victims. He called it a signature." I can't believe I broke the last gift my father ever gave me.

         Brown eyes stared into the crystal blues. "Is there anything I should know?"

         The gold ring with a single diamond stared at Sophie. She is going to be cross. "I have no idea how it got there. One morning I woke up and it was there. Silverbolt can't get more than 150ft from me before he appears back at my side."

         "I bet he loves that. I bet he watches you sleep, wondering what pleasures of the flesh..." A slender hand covered her mouth.

         "Hush. Silverbolt has never touched me or made me feel uncomfortable. I think he's shyer about physical contact than I am." He doesn't mention the kiss, which means I got to him.

         Sophie stared at her daughter in amazement. Her index finger trembled while it pointed to her daughter. "You're in love with him."

         "Mother, have you known me to make rash and stupid decisions?"


         "Have I not been a dutiful Daughter?"

         "Of course, but he..."

         "Did you not raise me to be a proper lady?"

         "Yes, but..."

         "Perhaps you should get to know him before you dismiss him. I may be cross with him for the moment, but it doesn't change the way I feel or this." Constance held out the ring once more.

         "Is that why he asked me here?"

         Constance laughed. "It would be a miracle if it were the reason. No, he needs information and help. He said he would explain everything at the meeting. I, for one, would like to hear what he has to say."

         A deep sigh escaped Sophie's lips, and she pressed her daughter close to her. "Let's get going."


         Steel grey eyes watched the hallway to make sure no one was lurking around the door. A black steel baton twirled in the armored hand while the mass of metal paced in front of the small group.

         Here goes nothing. "My real name, as you may have guessed, is not Silverbolt. My mother named me Ethan Argent on Earth." He choked on the words as he spat them out." He paused to let the information sink in. The shocked expression spoke louder than words. "Questions?"

         "Children of Earth are rare in this realm. How did you find Rathmore?" Madame Cuttle asked. She seemed more curious than anything.

         Crystal blue eyes watched him in amazement. Even now, the Damn Girl still looks at me the same. "My mentor Hexfist, another superhero, framed me for murder. I gave myself up and took a chance on the courts. My caseworker, Mr. Nottle, told me Rathmore needed a Silverbolt. I came here with no context of what he wanted from me."

         "Which is where I come in. Silverbolt saved me from Rexword and took off..." Constance added.

         "You're still going on about that?" Let it go already. "Questions?"

         Granville raised his hand, "What are your chief concerns?"

         Too many to count. "How much influence does Tuxley wield?"

         "He is beloved by most of the male nobility. While he doesn't have a seat on the high council, he has the ears of those who do." Sophie rubbed Constance's shoulders and nodded while she spoke. Constance smiled wide.

         Tuxley's reach extends far, not good. The batons whirled faster. "We'll need a way to flip people over on him. I want all of you with influence to find out what the hot gossip around the fire is." Silverbolt paused and stared at Constance and Sophie, who were all smiles now. I care if the Damn Mother likes me, because why? "Next is Rexwords transformation."

         Mahala cocked her head to the side and knitted her eyebrows in thought. "This is news to us. Could you elaborate?"

         "When I faced Rexword and his men, he was a human. At the Schaefer estate, he looked more like a monster. I never got to test his capability before he and Schaefer ran off. Something happened between our first meet and the party."

         Madame Cuttle looked pleased. "I think Clara and Midgely could do research together. Lord and Lady Midgely have a vast library dedicated to the history of Rathmore and the creatures within it."

         Gabe kissed Clara's hand. "I have no objections if she doesn't."

         Blood rushed to Clara's face, and she giggled. "I'll help."

         "I'll make sure the work gets done," Mahala said. She patted the young lovers on their shoulders.

         Sophie rose. "Can I ask who put you in charge? Why should I listen to you?" Constance slapped her forehead. "Don't be melodramatic Constance, its beneath you." A playful smirk adorned her lips.

         She's testing me, how childish. "I have five years of experience breaking criminal organizations. I've been chasing criminals since I was thirteen. I would do all of it myself, but right now, it's impossible. Let me be clear everyone in this room can walk away whenever they want to."

         Sophie smirked and sat down. "What job would you give me?"

         "Watching Idina. I don't know if we can trust her. I need you to write everything she says down. Even if it seems irrelevant, people tend to be more loose-lipped around the mentally ill. She may have heard or seen something."

         "Lord Schaefer abused her. Does she not have more reason to go against him?" Clara asked. Worry owned her voice.

         I hate telling people the awful truth. "Yes and no. Here's a question, if Lord Schaefer were to walk into the room, what are the chances she would take him back?"

         Sorrow owned Clara's doe eyes, and she held on to Gabe a little tighter. "Mother would take him back and tell him everything."

         "I'm sorry, Clara." I feel awful now.

         "Don't be. You were correct to pose the question."

         The batons slid into their holsters. "We need as much information on Rexword and Lord Schaefer as possible. Thankfully the Schaefer residence is clear for search. If anyone has time, hit the street ask around about Rexword. If any of you have men to spare, get them on it."

         Granville grinned. "I'll get Spencer on it. He's been rather bored as of late."

         "Good." Now for the big ask. "We need extra muscle. I don't know if Rexword has gained some powers, but let's not take chances. Any suggestions?"

         Sophie raised her hand. With straight lips and a solemn tone, she said, "How about the Old One. Legends tell of an ancient beast who will serve any who can best it in combat."

         "He is not challenging the old one," Clara growled as she covered her mother's mouth. "He can't be more than 150ft from me, remember?"

         "Does it have anything to do with this?" The mask slid off and revealed the triple spiral mark. I am going to regret this.

         Clara stared at Silverbolt. Her jaw dropped to the floor. Her lips curled into a smile, and crystal blue eyes devoured him in a single glance and refused to look at anything else.

         Mahala approached him and stared at the mark. "My father was a devout man. He studied goddess marks and their meanings. He used to say the placement is the key to figuring its purpose."

{indent}I don't like where this is going. "If it's on my cheek?"

         "You refuse to acknowledge something. Say it out loud to break the bond."

         This conversation leads right to the hole I dug earlier. "Which would be?"

         Constance growled and marched up to him. She held out her hand and put the ring on full display. "You know what this means, right?"


         Her hand gripped his left gauntlet and began to slide it off. "Then you can guess what's hidden under the gauntlet."

         Another armored hand stopped the delicate fingers from going further. "I know what's under there. I know what it means. I am not disappointed by it either."

         "Then why the hesitation?"

         I thought the answer would be clear. "First off, Lord Tuxley and his goons. Second, I want to enjoy the first moment of acknowledgment. Third, I think we should get to know each other better. I know it sounds silly, but we should be friends first." His cheek burned.

         Gentle hands caressed his face. "It's not silly. I happen to like the idea." Constance sighed wistfully. "Well, two of the spirals are gone. Care to do a test?"

         Silverbolt raced from the room. "I'll let you know how far I get."


         Clara sauntered up to Constance after the hero left. "Your conversation looked interesting. Was there an admission of feelings on his part?"

         "Yes and no. Silverbolt understands the situation, but I think he is a little unsure of himself. Which is strange because he always seems so confident about everything else."

         Clara twirled a lock of her hair around her finger, "Perhaps he's never been in love or has enjoyed female company."

It fits with what I know about him. "Did you see his face?"

         "Why does he wear the mask? The eyes are amazing, but add them to his boyish looks, short hair, and he becomes a walking dream. I thought you were going to die from shock."

         I just about did. "Anyway, Silverbolt told me we should be friends first. He felt a little silly about the whole thing. It was the most honest discussion we had."

         Silverbolt appeared next to her. "I walked the perimeter of the grounds, no problems. The front gate sent me back. Plenty of room to work a high pitched battle with the old one. How do we find him?"

         There's that excitement in his voice. The Old One has never lost a fight if you believe the stories. "Don't sound too happy about it. Sometimes I wonder where your passion lies."

         Silverbolts eyes bore into her skull with an intensity she had never seen. "I need this for two reasons. One, we need the muscle. Two, I need the experience. Superhumans are rare on Earth, and I never fought anyone with equivalent skill and ability. As for my passion, you know who it belongs to."

         He is starting to relax his guard a little. We can talk like real people now. Now let's test how much things have changed. Constance stood in front of Silverbolt. She turned her head to Clara. "Watch this." She turned her attention back to Silverbolt. "You may carry me now." She batted her eyelashes and gave him her sweetest smile."

         "Can we figure out how to find the old one first? You realize that look is annoying, right?"

         "I broke the parasol my father gave me, and I need some comfort," she added a tinge of sadness to her voice.

         "No." He turned his back. "It's your fault. You hit me on the breastplate, not the softest of surfaces, is it?"

         She added some more sadness to her voice. "I will talk like this all day and sigh inexplicably in your presence until you give in."

         A sharp growl came from the mask as Silverbolt lifted Constance off the ground. Clara clapped like an idiot for her. "Can we please get that information now?"

         She nuzzled into his shoulder and said. "You may proceed."

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