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A poem from a mother to her daughter.
In my life, I have known pain
Deep sadness touched with guilt
I've experienced loss and have been lost
I've broken the foundation I've built

I met you when suddenly, unexpectedly
I found myself no longer alone
I knew that you were with me
It was in my body, your soul was born

Together, our bodies worked so hard
We were building you piece by piece
Where I had felt trauma and guilt and pain
Your presence brought me peace

Then the day came
It was time, our building was done
You were ready to meet the world
You were ready to feel the sun

As we looked into each other's eyes
I felt that we had met before
Though you were new to the world, not moments old
I felt our bond chained to my core

Days and months and years
Time slows for no one
Now you're the embodiment of hope
A glimpse into the future now begun

Love does not, can not express
How deeply I feel for you
You have saved my life a million times
Without knowing what I've been through

You laugh with me, cry with me
Hope with me, learn with me
Sing with me, yell with me,
Talk about your dreams with me

Your heart hurts for those who hurt
Your mind is open to learn love for all
You choose every day to stand up for those who struggle
You refuse to let anyone feel small

A parent's hope for their child is that they will do more
That their life will be grander, happier, fulfilled
We lift our children onto our shoulders
Hoping we can be a ladder for the future they build

But as I built you, we built each other
As I taught you, you taught me
In my darkness, you found my light
In my blindness, you taught me to see

You taught me to see beauty, to see the best of the world
You have taught me that to live is a gift
Daughter, my foundation, my strength and my hope
Without you, I'd be a broken ship adrift

So, how much do I love you, how can I tell you?
I can't, no words will explain
My promise to you is that I will keep building you
And encouraging you to dance in the rain

I promise to never say "I don't have time"
I promise you will always have a home
I can't promise your life will be easy or fun
But I promise you'll never be alone

Whenever you think you're alone
When you feel numb and aren't sure what to do
Remember my promises, love of mine
And remember how much I love you.

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