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A Dying CIA agent reveals first hand knowledge of Alien presence.
I'm a self acknowledged UFO conspiracy theorist. Anybody who has paid the slightest interest in developments since the end of WW2 must conclude that the planet Earth has been visited by extraterrestrials. It is not just events in the past seventy years, which have included numerous sightings of UFOs by credible witnesses, reports of crashed saucers and living and dead aliens, human abductions, cattle mutilations and reports of activities at Area 51/S-4 involving back engineering of ET hardware and interviews of surviving extraterrestrials, not to mention incidents involving contacts, visitations and interactions with aliens and their civilizations. As if this were not enough there is also the growing realization that these interactions are nothing new and have been going on throughout history. The deciphering on ancient texts on clay tablets and huge Stone Megastructures, leave little doubt of a long historical ET presence on planet Earth.

Something that is not new but something that has escaped my attention is the taped interview of retired CIA Agent "Kewper." In June of 1998 he contacted Linda Howe, a leading UFO researcher and provided a narrative of his experiences with extraterrestrials. He was subsequently threatened by the "Men in Black. Intimidated, he dropped out of sight for about fifteen years and then resurfaced when he was terminally ill with a blood disorder. In March of 2013 he was interviewed by Richard Dolan. The results of that interview can still be seen if your search the key words shown above.

He states that he and his supervisor were sent to Area 51 by President Eisenhower on a fact finding mission to discover what was going on. Amazing the new president had been told exactly the same thing that Admiral Wilson was later told when he attempted to look into the activities going on in Dreamland, where there is zero government oversight. "Sorry, he was told, you don't have a need to know."

For those who don't know, President Truman set up a special commission to report of the findings that took place following the Roswell Incident. This commission, Named MJ 12 was chartered to look into the UFO crashes and given broad powers to investigate and take action outside the boundaries of government oversight. During these times the Atomic Bomb secret had been stolen and President Truman did not trust the government to keep secret the most incredible revelation of modern times. The revelation was that humanity was not alone in the universe as an "intelligent life form," that an alien presence had been revealed by crashed saucers and dead ETs, and that their technology was of a scope that defied all human understanding.

MJ 12 was supposed to provide reports but had failed to keep President Eisenhower advised about what they had discovered and what they were doing to exploit the technology. As a result Ike sent people to Area 51 with an ultimatum to tell him what was going on or else.... "Kewper" and his CIA Boss went to Area 51, saw the crashed Roswell saucer, the autopsy films and even spoke with a surviving ET. The results of the visit were briefed to President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

It is important to realize that with the establishment of MJ-12, regardless of the justification, this comission became the genesis of "The Deep State." It has grown into a cancer that has spread its tentacles throughout out our constitutional government and operates as an independent entity unanswerable to the will of the people. For many years they were devoted to figuring out if the ETs were a threat and trying to reverse engineer the technologies they became the guardians to oversee. It appears the Deep State, at some point, decided it was necessary to have a one world government to deal with the extraterrestrial threat. The result was that over time the Deep State became involved in global politics. Using the Intelligence Services they covered up a growing influence in foreign affairs. They interfered in elections and developed the means by using their newfound technologies to make or break foreign governments. It should come as no surprise that one day they would turn those technologies on their own government.

Ironically, the biggest obstacle faced by the Deep State was the United States itself. Because the wealth of the planet is centered in the US the plan was to shift the distribution of wealth on a more equitable scale. This meant that the standard of living for Americans had to come down so the third world could go up. President Obama was a big advocate for this as was Europe and interests in Asia. The plan was well along. Obama said, "One percent GDP growth in the US is the new norm, get used to it." The Democrats were all in on the plan and agreed that the economic scale in the United States needed to tilt away from Capitalism and more in the direction of Socialism.

It is important to realize that under Communism the government controls all economic infrastructure. The failure of that economic model was clearly demonstrated in Russia and continues to be felt in China. Under Socialism the means of production remains in private hands, however, the government regulates private enterprise to insure the gap between the "Haves and the Have Nots" remains somewhere in the ball park of public interest and private enterprise. Greed as an incentive and market forces have been shown to be far better regulator than bureaucratic meddling and five year plans. So to the Deep State, socialism was the answer. Keep private enterprise but control it through government intervention and regulations. For all intents and purposes, the United States is already a Socialist Nation.

Clearly the Deep State is not well versed in "Chaos Theory." The off shore money and inside bureaucracy really think they can control a wildly expanding world population and the inequitable distribution of wealth. Surprise, Surprise. President Trump came along and sent all those utopian dreams of the Deep State into chaos and derailed their well laid plans for a new world order.

President Trump refused to play ball and that's why the Deep State has exhausted every means at their disposal to try and stop him. These efforts might appear to have succeeded in the election of Biden, but consider for a moment the bill payers.

They have lost the trust and confidence of the American people in the free press. The "Free Press" was coopted by offshore money and the home grown cabal of wealthy elitists who signed up for a global one world government... The networks and print media have redefined "Yellow Journalism" and taken the practice to a new level. They have openly shown their contempt for everyday America. Their contempt for the "Deplorables" and the "...stench of the Walmart Shopper" is barely concealed.

They have corrupted in the Deep State in ways heretofore unrealized. Venerable institutions such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of justice, Internal Revenue, have been perverted to achieve a parochial deep state agenda. Law enforcement has been demonized as a bill payer for the rot and corruption in the inner cities characterized by poverty, poor education, lawlessness and substance abuse. In order to gain power they have unleashed anarchy and chaos. They have rioted, looted and burned the decaying infrastructure of the inner cities, bought on by a century of Democratic corruption and mismanagement.

In the 2020 election they took the recommendations of the past, designed to prevent corruption, and used them as a road map to election victory. Early voting, ballot harvesting, rigging voting machines, and a host of other weaknesses, identified long past, were necessary to keep president Trump from achieving a landslide victory. Seventy-Nine percent of Republicans believe the election was rigged. The truth is coming out as as reports leak out from the few sources of honest reporting that remain to the people.

I have not digressed in shifting from ETs to political corruption. All this is related. A breath of air created by a butterfly often leads to inexplicable and unintended consequences. The ends do not justify the means. Be careful what you wish for.

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