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Two seperate poems that interlink.
My dearest guide,
Hope is swaying,
Kindness is trapped,
Behind ominous clouds,
I have failed you dearly.
Fail to follow behind your wings,
Letting a social Sparrow distract my eyes,
From flights path.
Forgive me guide.
Teach me your song,
Sing out the darkness,
Balance my mind,
Let the winds return me to you.
Dance with you.
Glide with you. ‚Äč

Dance for us,
Sing for us.
The winds will carry us,
Along the tides
Our talons will ripple waters,
Inspire change.
The air fresh,
Our flight will carry us,
Beyond the trees of London and Osaka.
The water will glisten for us,
No one shall capture us,
For their soul will be burned.
Hear our song,
Glide with us,
To and Fro.
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