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Some families are decidedly different.
Deep within the Foreverland Forest, a celebration of Thanksgiving unlike any other was happening, mainly due to the unusual family one small being called his own.

Elidor Elf had no need to tune up his flute because, of course, it was miraculous, mysterious, and marvellous as well... ready at an instant to deliver beguiling music to entertain whomever would listen. At first this comprised a solitary mushroom. One would assume this would be an undemonstrative type of audience. But ‘one’ would be wrong. This was a red and white polka dot mushroom (or toadstool? we won’t question that too closely), the kind that without effort, produces a mesmerising, joyous feeling inside attentive hearts. This was a treasure most certainly ‘in tune’ with the sylvan shards falling all around from a flautist extraordinaire.

Simultaneously, a mouse in a bonnet and long frilly dress exactly like a granny from a Beatrix Potter story appeared, AND a young rabbit called Balaboa Bunnykins, because... well-ll... because he wore a purple top hat and waved a silver and red walking cane in time with the charismatic chords so effortlessly flowing from Elidor’s fantastical flute.

The most impressive member of the bewitching elf’s small family gathering however, was the huge pumpkin he proudly sat atop, having performed a different kind of carving than most. It wasn’t just the smile... although that was wide with glee and charmingly ragged, like a little kid missing some front teeth. Elidor had also carved the eyes into a laughing crescent shape and a funny little nose hole to match.

As the music flowed, so the pumpkin lit up... and laughed, and laughed. And this small family were thankful for the enchantment of the music that brought them together.

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Author’s Note: This is too delightful and full of promise for a 300-worder. I need much more to describe Elidor, and well-ll... everything. I will—someday, somewhere.

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