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Unknown me or am I just thinking more
Guy's, did you ever feel or notice that one of the person nearest to your heart is hiding something from u from a long time? Did you guys ever feel it, because I did and i still. I tried asking for a long time 'WHY?', but the person Always say's "nothing just that I hate that person", I know sometimes we hate some people for no reason but this time I don't feel it's just like that, a person hating the other person. I can't even ask directly, but long long back I had tried to ask and later just laughed on it so that the person doesn't take it seriously, but the person just had given the same answer as same as in the present. I really have messed up myself all this way and when I want to make set it right, I just can't move on without this person's only and only answer, which is the only last step maybe to set myself into a right as well as a new path of life. So don't knock w what to do, I am stuck up again with another such question like always whenever I want myself to move on from such stuffs. Feeling like , Cannot find a way out, everything feels like a black out and waiting for some light or glance of light which might help my way to move on with new path or just Move the obstacles on the way to continue my life's road trip.
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