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A fun time at the movie theater...
“One please, for SpiderMan” Martin said as he handed the cashier his money.

She smiled as she handed him the stub of paper, “That’s a good one, enjoy!” she exclaimed as he walked away.

He walked up to the large double doors and went inside, taking in the wonderful smell of buttery popcorn. He walked over to the ticket vendor and handed him the slip.

The vendor tore it in half, “theater 8” he stated.

Martin walked down the hall and went through door number 8. He made his way to the aisle, when his heart sank...his ex-girlfriend, Jordan, was in the seat directly behind his. He got butterflies in his stomach as he viewed the gorgeous girl he regrets letting go of. She sat there, in her old t-shirt and ripped jeans, with a rancid pair of Ugg boots on her feet...the Ugg boots that he once loved to shove his nose into...a secret kink she never found out about. Many a night he would smell her feet and masturbate to the lovely cheesy stink while she slept, gently licking the dirt and sweat off of her nasty soles...being careful not to wake her up...but those nights were gone, a distant memory of his past. He put his hood up and made his way over to his seat, avoiding eye contact. He sat down without her even noticing anyone was in front of her...probably for the best. He looked forward and focused on the previews before the movie.
Just as the movie was starting Martin couldn’t help but peek behind him and stare in wonder at Jordan, the gorgeous ebony goddess. He felt his member stir in his pants as he fantasized about her large, size 12 soles. He turned his attention back to the movie and tried hard to focus on what was happening...but alas he couldn’t stop fantasizing about Jordan. As Martin painfully tried to get his boner to subside he noticed a strange stench in the air...like popcorn...but with a hint of sweaty cheese to them. He couldn’t figure out where it was coming from but as he looked behind him, he saw Jordan’s rancid Uggs...airing out on the floor next to her fuming socked feet.

“Oh no..” he thought as his cock hardened to full capacity.

He pried his face away from her cheesy feet and stared with utmost concentration at the movie. Then, just to make matters worse, the smell got stronger and he glanced to his left...to find that she had peeled off her socks and now two nasty, sweaty, stinky bare feet were resting on the seat next to him.
Martin lost his mind as her smelly slender soles were just a few feet away from his nose...but he needed them inches away. He needed to sniff them deeply and press his lips all over the sweaty surface. He closed his eyes and tried to think of anything else, but the cheesy stench was overpowering him and he felt himself start to gravitate closer and closer to Jordan’s soles. Martin opened his eyes...and in front of his eyes were the nastiest pair of soles he’d ever laid eyes on. There were bits of popcorn between her grimy toes from when she had her soles on the floor. He eyed the bits of the yummy snacks covered in her filthy toe jam and his cock strained in his pants. He tried his hardest to resist...until something wet dropped into his lap. His eyes began to water as he stared at Jordan’s filthy sock.

“Where did that sock go?!?! I left it on the seat to air out! Fuck!” he heard her whisper to herself.

Without hesitation, Martin held the sock up his nose and took as many long, deep sniffs as he could handle. The cheesy stench made him even harder and finally he couldn’t hold back. As silently as he could he unzipped his pants and released his aching cock. He looked once more at the dirty, popcorn ridden toes and realized it was now or never...he stuck his tongue out and gave her heel a tiny lick. Within an instant, he felt his cock leaking precum as an explosion of salty, cheesy, sweaty flavors filled his mouth. Bits of popcorn, lint and toe jam stuck onto his tongue. He sucked on her perfect sweaty toes and moaned in pleasure as his cock ached and twitched. Martin was in pure heaven, taking long deep sniffs of her lovely feet, stroking his cock as he finally indulged in her feet.

“I’m glad you like them hubby, I love you too”...and for the rest of his life, Martin treated Jordan like a princess, cherishing every moment with her...and her stinky, toxic feet.
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