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Im secretly homosexual and have a crush on this chubby boy in my class
My story begins in grade 10. Im moderately popular with a good education but no one knows my secret... i have a crush on this blondie boy in my maths class. Hes decent looking, a bit smaller than me and isnt too popular, he has some chub on him which i think looks really good on him. I think most boys with a decent look would look good with a pudgy gut but this boy really turns me on. Im not a boy that sounds, looks or dresses gay though because i think thats weird and i want to keep it secret. Ive had girlfreinds but broke up with them because i dont have the same feeling with them.
Today i was at school putting my stuff in my locker when someone scares me from behind. I turnd around and saw my freind cam. He was a red haired boy a bit shorter than me. Im generally taller than most people in my grade (slightly).
'Hey man,' i say, ' godness you gave me a fright,'
'Wondering if u wanna grab some breakfast at the canteen with us,'
'Ive already had breakfast at home but ill still sit down with u guys,'
I tried getting past him but he pushed me woth his right hand back on the locker
'Wat do u want,'
'Can we go to the toilets real quick,' he grinnes
'Uggh just for a bit ok,'
We walk down the halway for a bit before we turn left into the boys toilets. Luckily this was before school started so there wont be any people around.
We entered the boys toilets, no one inside but me and cam. Cam walked behind me before i stopped. He lifted his hands on my shoulders and walked me into a cubicle. He entered in with me and turned to lock the door. He then faced back at me and wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed me. I kissed him back.
If you didnt notice, i am with cam and i wasnt the one that actually asked us out first.
He stripped his clothes and i followed. The air became thicker and harder to inhale. I pushed him on the wall and we continued to kiss shirtless but in our pants.
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