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Advantages and disadvantages of part time jobs in teenagers
It is irrefutable to say that young adults doesn't hold the future of the country. Undoubtedly, there participation in any area can bring some incredible changes in the country's progress. Although teenagers who work part time can earn money and tend to organise themselves at an early age, however, part time. Jobs can have some unfavourable effects academically and socially.

One of the most significant advantage of part time job is to earn money due to which teenagers can carry their own expenses and don't rely on others. Moreover, they acquire discipline in their life by practicing punctuality, amending to the rules and regulations by the authorities at work. They also develop the value of hard earn money. For instance, generally a teenager spends money on their desires and whims extravagantly. However, working part time makes them understand the importance of frugality and they try to curb their expenses.

On the other hand, working part time also has its own disadvantages. Generally, teenagers who indulge themselves in part time jobs tend to develop lack of interest in their studies and often result in poor academic performance. In addition to that, they become too independent for their age and distance themselves from their families and friends and often fail to balance their work and family life. Also, they get stressed about their outcomes and work performance that they overburden themselves with extreme pressure. For example, some young adults gets so obsessed with money that they leave their education and their families behind and only concentrate on earning more money.

In conclusion, involvement of youth in any country is equally important as that of the adults and senior citizens. While part time jobs not only disciplines the teenagers but also makes them financially confident. However, it also has certain detrimental effects on their studies and on their social lifestyle.
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