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A story of infidelity, the lies told to support it & the aftermath for all concerned.
Honesty was our newlywed motto
With no reason to be accusatory
We had total faith in each other
It was the short but not the long story

It's hard for an honest person
To see the one you love obviously lie
Stopping to think before an answer is given
Eternity passing in the blink of an eye

Doubts are cast over sunshine
Making a beautiful day turn bleak
Without proof, I'm called insecure
No convictions nor answers seek

If I was a betting man
I'd bet it all on her deceit
Then the mind recoils at the possibility
My beautiful wife could be a cheat

After all these years together
Subtle changes make us oceans apart
As I question my own sanity
Now I'm the owner of a broken heart

“You snore and you're not nice to sleep with”
All this criticism doesn't quell my doubt
The constant niggle is driving me crazy
And won't stop until the truth comes out

The fear of not reading to my kids
My family is all I know
Then the inevitable speech via text
That her love for me had died long ago

Does anyone leave before plan B
Before the plans of a married couple fall flat
“Just good friends” while we were still together
Now I'm gone...so much more than that

Too distraught to feel jealousy's sting
Now someone else kisses my kids goodnight, instead of me
Will he be the one who finishes our bedtime story?
And get to see things with them I won't see?

I cry a lot and often for no reason
Alone...because of my kid's concerned looks
It's only lawyers who celebrate divorce
Never enough broken hearts on their books

To forget one man in the arms of another
Life can be so unfair
Why is it cheaters always look so happy?
While I live my life with such despair

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