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Broken wires and lost connections. Acknowledging the KGB years.
I feel nothing anymore
I am an empty vessel
A body without a soul
A soul without substance
Floating through eternity
Like a ghost from another time

My body is no longer my own
And my mind has been picked apart
I don't know what emotion means anymore
Existence is lost, I am blind
to everything
I have nothing left to give
Nothing left to contribute

My purpose has faded away
and it just doesn't matter
no one will even notice
when my heart no longer beats
when my body is void
while I am so incomplete

there are no second chances left
I've been used up and hung out to dry
They’ve left me to bleed and burn
From the outside in
It’s just me, and I’m dying inside
But no one needs to know

Just tell them I've gone far away
I’m lost in a land that once existed
Inside my mind, but it's all gone now
Open your eyes. See the world for what it is
It's all gray. Nothing really exists.
Reality is just an illusion.
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