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This is a short fiction story.Happy family of three goes to a family of nine!!
(None of these photos I own or have taken)
disclaimer I don’t know if the links work
This is a picture of my kids my beautiful seven kids many people might wonder why we wanted such a large family this is the story.
let’s time travel back to the past almost 15 years ago
The year is 2006 the date Was January 29th. The happiest day of my life my little boy was brought to this world. Cade Mason Orion weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces and was 18 inches long. He’s my first baby, I was 25 when he was born first time mom thing was rough at the beginning. I didn’t know what I was going to have so I was super surprised when they told me I had a little boy. It didn’t matter to me as long as it is healthy but deep inside I thought it was going to be a girl I had a name in my head too Aubree Faith. When he let out his first cry it was love at first sight or in this case sound.
The birth was super easy and quick the hospital stay was too. When we got home we got to my favourite part decorating his nursery! I’m and interior designer so decorating is my favourite part always! I came up with the theme ducks and my husband who’s a painter did the rest. He painted the walls light blue grey with yellow rubber ducks in a line on two of the four walls. I picked the furniture out nice light wood and duck themed blankets, towels anything imaginable!
His first year of life went by in a flash next thing I knew we were celebrating his first birthday! We had are whole family there the bash was amazing!
He was a good sleeper fast learner and early talker. His first year of life was amazing. Cade looks a lot like my husband when he was a baby dark hair and dark eyes. I love the baby stage! Another year passed and Cade is two has a huge vocabulary and a fast runner. He had a train themed second birthday where he met his baby cousin Ethan.
A couple months later my husband and me wanted to grow are family some more. We tried but it didn’t go as well as we hoped so we decided to stop and wait for the right time. September rolled around and we enrolled Cade in daycare so I could go back to work. Within months Cade had made a best friend Cameron. Play dates started immediately I became best friends with Cameron’s mom Anna. We spent a lot of time sharing stories and secrets. Three months before Cade’s third birthday and two months before Cameron’s birthday Anna told me she was pregnant with her second child. I was slightly jealous but happy for her. A month later I designed her daughter Alivia’s nursery.
It was so hard for me because I so desperately wanted another baby. Cameron turned three on December 17th and Cade was invited to his first birthday party huge milestone! Cade’s third birthday was a blast him and Cameron spent the day swimming at the beach!
Two months later Cade met Cameron’s little sister. He was so good with Alivia it made me sad again knowing I might never grant him with a little sibling. The next months flew by and it was Cameron a Cade’s first day of pre school!
https://c.stocksy.com/a/DbV900/za/2266423.jpg (Cade)
https://danimarieblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/2018-01-21_0014.jpg (Cameron )
The two boys were learning new things daily and formed a new friendship with Aden he’s a crazy boy with lots of energy a contrast to the other boys in an amazing way.
Aden is the youngest in his family he has two older brothers
Are Alexander and Andrew. I really felt bad seeing all the siblings play together at play dates. It made me want a second child so badly that night I talked to my husband about adopting because trying for over a year and a half with zero success. We decided to look into it after the holidays so if travel was needed we wouldn’t miss Christmas with Cade or his birthday. November was a month of surprises for us Cade, Cameron and Aden made a new friend a little girl named Aurora.
She is adorable and sweet a very good addition to my son’s friend group. Aurora had a big sister and little brother Abigail and Landon. This month we asked Cade what he wanted for his birthday early because Black Friday was coming and the deals are great! He said a little baby sibling. After he told me this I broke down in tear knowing it might never happen. Cameron’s birthday came rolling around they had a huge bash for his fourth birthday it was cars themed I got really sick after eating cake. Anna saw me throw up and come to help me clean my face and the floor. She asked me if I was okay.
I wasn’t I had been sick for about a month now vomiting and nausea galore. I said not really I told her this she looked at me and said come with me my sweet innocent Rachel. She forced me to take a pregnancy test I looked at her crazy she knew I wasn’t able to have anymore kids after trying for so long. To my surprise the test was positive after almost two years of trying I was pregnant again! I cried and Anna hugged me. She said now Alivia and Landon will have a daycare friend. This was one of the best days of this sad year. That night I showed Jared my husband the pregnancy test he cried with me Cade was going to be a big brother! His birthday wish fulfilled. A month had passed it was Cade’s fourth birthday his theme this year was turkeys. Weird yes he fell in love with turkeys after seeing them outside so we fulfilled his wish of a turkey themed party.
At his birthday was the family both sides his friends there parents and siblings it was a huge turn out! https://image.shutterstock.com/image-photo/little-4-years-old-boy-260nw-21902849...(Cade at age four)
https://www.irishtimes.com/polopoly_fs/1.3120858.1497878265!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/box_620_330/image.jpg(Cameron at four)
https://imagesvc.meredithcorp.io/v3/mm/image?url=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic.onecms.io%...(3 year old Aden)
https://image.shutterstock.com/image-photo/4-years-old-asian-chinese-260nw-12792...(4 year old Aurora)
After cake and present Jared and I announced baby Orion is due July 22nd 2010! The crowd was super shocked well expect Anna she was the first to know! Congratulations was heard every where we explained this to Cade he was super excited and happy! His forth birthday was a success he birthday wish came true. This year as a birthday present we redone Cade’s room from toddler to big kid got his toddler bed removed and chose a new theme. Thankfully he wanted cars not turkey!
Jared did an amazing paint job I chose black wood furniture this time around and you can see his birthday present a cars table from Aurora for his drawings Cade is obsessed with drawing! He loves his big boy room! March rolled by and Alivia turned one on the 15th! It was so cute seeing her eat cake for the first time. A week later I had a big appointment at the doctors today we can find out the gender of baby number two. I think I want to wait all see what Jared wants then decide I have so far had a different pregnancy then last time so I’m wondering if all get a daughter?! Mrs. Orion I went into the room with Jared and Cade they squeezed the gel on my stomach. Do you want to know the gender mrs. Orion I look at Jared he says yes. Congratulations it’s another baby boy said the nurse! I was once again shocked with the news two beautiful sons! I can’t wait to meet him this makes this seem so real. Cade’s having a little brother! I can’t wait for hand me downs it’s going to be so fun! A week later we started decorating baby boys nursery his theme is clouds it’s a super cute nursery!
I picked white furniture for his nursery I think it went well with the clouds Jared did a fantastic job! June came around Cade was graduating from pre school I was huge eight months pregnant I felt awful but I had to be there for my his graduation. It was a beautiful ceremony there moving to the pre kindergarten class in the other side of the building this September! It’s another big milestone in Cade’s life. July comes and the 21st hits and my water breaks! At ten pm I went through twelve hours of labour and delivered my healthy baby boy! In July 22nd at 10:05 am Levi Greyson Orion was born at seven pound ten ounces and 20 inches. He was the cutest thing ever but a huge cryer.
It was the worst after pregnancy adjustment ever. Cade was awesome it was more Levi and I. He cried so much and was up all night. I felt awful cause I had gained 70 pounds in this pregnancy and felt awful and tired all the time my body ached from carrying all this extra weight. But it was better when Cade started to go to pre kindergarten him and his friends where together and he was learning all day.
November was another good month the family went to Aurora’s fifth birthday party the first one with baby Levi he spent time with Anna and Alivia. Cade had a wonderful time at this party him and his friends had a blast they watched the sleeping beauty and went to a trampoline park for the first time all together. Cameron’s birthday came next he’s five they went to chuck e cheese for the first time where obsessed mostly expect Cade he didn’t love arcade games as much as the others but still had an amazing time. Cade’s fifth birthday was next he had a cars themed birthday and we did races in car costumes and a bunch of other fun thing everyone had a great time. Levi learned to roll over fast in the car mat!
Aden’s birthday was in may he threw a huge Peter Pan themed birthday it was a blast to see the kids put on a play for us! Graduation of pre kindergarten came Aurora,Cameron,Cade and Aden are all graduating today! There all going to greenfield elementary next year! I’m so proud of Cade another huge milestone.
July 22nd was Levi’s first birthday it was a rough year but we made it Levi’s walking and learning to talk I’m so great full for him!
He looks like a combination of Jared and me he has Jared’s dark hair and my blue eyes! He’s a sweet little boy. Cade wanted to have summer themed birthday for Levi since he can’t choose so we did exactly that and Cade was so happy. It’s Cade’s first day of kindergarten I tried not to cry so hard my boy is growing up so fast!
The beginning of this year is tough I want to send Levi to daycare to make friends but I don’t want to leave him just yet! It’s been a week since Cade’s first day of school today at the young age of one and two months Levi is going to daycare. Twice a week to make friends and I can start work again!
Kindergarten been great for Cade he’s learning to speed his name him and Aden are in the same class while Cameron and Aurora are together in the other class every Friday it’s play date day! Levi made a friend too, Hunter he’s been over twice I can’t wait to see there friendship grow and also group of friends! Hunter has a older brother and sister he too is the youngest of the family his sister is Emily his brother is Noah.
October was an almost boring month expect for the fact Anna’s pregnant again she said this is the last baby! She’s two months pregnant this baby is due April 18th 2011 this is crazy it felt like yesterday I was making Alivia’s nursery. It’s Christmas break! Cameron had a toy story birthday this year well Aurora had a Car themed birthday this year. In a month Cade will be six it’s crazy! Levi is officially best friends with Hunter! Today’s a big day Cade is six years old! My baby is six! He’s having a 101 Dalmatian birthday party this year it’s his new favourite movie! https://i.pinimg.com/originals/9d/35/a3/9d35a3034a2c91325fbbe83bcc30e915.jpg
That same time I had developed pregnancy symptoms again so I panicked and took a test I was pregnant this baby and Anna’s are the same school year! I told Jared that night he was excited as well but told me last baby we have no more rooms in the house. I was sad I always wanted four kids. Well see in the future about that! One month passed I was two months pregnant Anna six today she told me she’s having another girl! I’m super excited she doesn’t know I’m pregnant yet because she would never let me do her new baby girls nursery!
I think I did a great job!
It’s been three months Anna had her baby girl Arabella! She’s so cute Cameron and Alivia are great big siblings! Cade was super gentle with her too it so sweet and Levi wouldn’t let go! He’s going to adjust well to the new baby! When all the friends came over Friday with my parents and my husbands parents baby 3 was going to be known about! We did something different we handed cupcakes and the told them I was pregnant and to eat the cupcake to find out if it’s a boy or girl we still don’t know the baker downtown made these for us! I bit into my cupcake a girl! It’s a girl everyone was so happy even Levi! My first baby girl! July 22nd Levi turned alter he’s growing up fast and learning fast like his big brother this year we did an Elmo themed birthday he lies for elmo!
On September 26th 2012 baby girl Arya Hazel was born weighing six pounds four ounces 14 inches long my smallest baby yet! Her bedroom is beautiful
And so is she
Days flew by weeks did next thing I know it two and a half years have flown by Cade’s in second grade doing amazing! Levi’s in kindergarten and Arya just started daycare! I had another baby girl two days ago on October 31st 2014! We had to move home to a bigger one this house has eight bedrooms it’s a lot I don’t think will ever need that many! Baby girl Myla Jane was born 6 pounds 2 ounces and 13 inches! My smallest baby! I’m so happy with my life four beautiful babies!
https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c8/c3/c3/c8c3c35f95aa9fe08747d6d069bbf814.jpg(Myla’s nursery)
https://www.divesanddollar.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Toddler-Girl-Bedroom-I...(Arya’s toddler room)
https://storiestrending.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/beds-for-6-years-old-28-b...(Levi’s room)
https://i.pinimg.com/originals/56/ec/97/56ec97ce75496e88ebe63ebdbca90309.jpg(Cade’s room)
The kids now
Cade: https://johncasablancasofct.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/NEIL-R.1.jpg
Levi: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e0/06/ad/e006ad3dfa3b5bd2cc4ceffb47567345.jpg
Arya: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e0/06/ad/e006ad3dfa3b5bd2cc4ceffb47567345.jpg
Some more time passed exactly two years once again it’s May 4th 2016 I gave birth once again to baby number five. Another beautiful little girl! Isla Wren is born six pounds three ounces one of my smallest babies! She’s stunning! The kids are huge Cade’s ten now he’s getting to be so big! Levi’s 8 Arya’s 6 and Myla’s 4! So much is changed vocabulary toys and intellectual thoughts! Time passed by quick it’s 2020 august 12th I have given birth to two identical girls today! Cade’s 14 which is insane,Levi’s 12, Arya’s 10 Myla’s 8 and isla 6 this is crazy how big everyone’s gotten I’m happy to still have little ones my last ones too my body can’t handle pregnancy well anymore this is my third emergency c section! Myla was one Isla was another and now the twins! Lyra saiorise and Sage Brielle. My life had changed in fifteen years ! Family of three to nine! Here’s pictures of my family!
Cade: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/07/6d/9c/076d9c20e87f89603287dbef70fe6dff.jpg
Talent: art
School: a and b student
Friends: Cameron, Aden and Aurora
Levi: https://childinsider.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/14-year-old-haircuts-9.jpg
Talent: running (runs in competitions)
School: 80% grade average
Friends: Hunter, Anthony and Charlotte
Arya: https://storage.googleapis.com/mamamia-pwa.appspot.com/images/GettyImages-934637...
Talent: Dance
School: 84% grade average
Friends: Arabella, Octavia and Spencer
Myla: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/4d/69/eb/4d69eb91abf80d2f2d450549dfe397c6.jpg
Talent: soccer
School:88% grade average
Friends: Anne,Grace and Vivian
Isla: https://c8.alamy.com/comp/2A6G3RH/a-cute-very-pretty-little-blonde-6-year-old-gi...
Talent: singing
School: loves kindergarten
Friends: Ava and Rose
Lyra: https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/53e2d6b6e4b0f594c5b86105/146859716...
Sage: https://www.dawnmartinphotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Newborn-twins-g...
The end!
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