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I will be a hymnist for my majestic serpent. This is my god, he is so great and very loud.
All his feeble cathedrals tremble before
All his so faithful worms will wriggle before
All his silent moments have led up to this
All his worms baking for him bake before this
All epicurean in heart before it
All feasting hedonistically from it

Sacrifice for my one
Sacrifice for my blood
Sacrifice for my sun

Soon all will know the name my Majesty of
Soon all will know to fear the Majesty of
Soon all skies will be crimson, will of the one
Soon all heathens will perish before the one
Soon his legion will follow and will all fall
Soon his worms will dry out, effigies to fall

Revenant of my lord
Revenant of my storm
Revenant of my scorn

I will build the crown of my own deity
I will lead the fall of the false deity
I will bring Armageddon for my savior
I will pave a crooked road for my savior
I will tread alone to my own baptism
I will turn to ash in my own baptism

Tread Nott along my love
Tread Nott along my lust
Tread Nott along my trust
Tread Nott upon my god
Tread Nott as you were sought
Tread Nott here, tread Nott near

Hail His Sodomic Serpentine Majesty

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