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Our present is the past, our future hangs on the balance of time
The sky has filled with blood.
Our moon cries tears of lost light
For the life that once filled the land
The earth,
Littered with bodies
Smoldering ashes
Open pits of death.

The stench of burning flesh
Fills her nostrils
And, she weeps again
For the pain, that will stain
The heart of the earth
For centuries to come.

While the babes forget
Where this all began.
They can't remember their story
They no longer know emotion
Beyond that which is fleeting.

An indoctrination over centuries;
A slow erasure.
Some minds seem to resist,
Some are immune
To the virus of indifference.

They watch in silent agony
Pain tears at their insides.
They have been stripped
And humiliated; on the outside.
They cannot feel; on the inside.
There is no shame, and within
There is nothing, but persistent torture

Peeling back the wounds of old,
Letting the blood gush up
And letting it scab over again.
While the rest wander blindly
They cannot see anymore

How did we get here?
The earth rumbles beneath
And I have my answer:
The dragon has awoken once more.
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