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by K.HBey
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Sam feels loneliness after his wife death

Sam is a man of eighty. Today is his birthday. Within the frozen winter, he is sitting contemplating this place that seems strange and silent. Each angle of his big house bears memories. This dining room was full when his wife was alive. Rosa died three years ago. She was well physically however she got a heart arrest.

Even his children have already left.
He decides to go to the attic as he used to do when he was a child.
There a huge amount of objects are stored.
With his golden key, he opens the door. With one click the door is open. The attic is very well organized. Rosa used to make an order there each year.

A crystal ball is there. Sam takes it first with a great delicateness. It contains a changing picture that seems submerged within water. In the picture, there are two portraits. Sam's and Rosa's ones. Rosa used to come here to look at it noticing the charming Sam's smiling mouth. Sam does the same and he likes to contemplate Rosa's shining smile. They both decide in their living to let this object after their death as a testimony of their love. All the attic seems lightning and Sam feels a sudden soft breeze that reminds him of Rosa's love.

KHBEY/ The crystal ball/ November 29/2020
/224 words

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