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by Norman
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Well, not quite
I’m sleeping on the couch again
for something that I said,
or something that I didn’t do
or should have done instead.

I know that I did something wrong;
I guess I always do.
That’s what she tells me every time
and so it must be true.

It’s pretty much a routine now
when we turn out the light.
I grab my pillow from the bed
then tell my wife goodnight.

You may be thinking something’s wrong
that it has come to this.
I would not argue that at all;
it isn’t wedded bliss.

I’ve spent so many nights out here
it’s like my second home.
It isn’t very comfortable
without that memory foam.

And counting sheep just doesn’t work
no matter how I try.
In fact it makes me more awake
but I can’t tell you why.

Now I have come up with a plan
to get me through the night.
I’ll take a sleeping pill or two;
it’s better than a fight.

I think I need a better plan
to get back in her bed.
You think I should apologize
and say I lost my head?

Or maybe flowers; that’s the trick,
and candy in a box.
I have to get off of this couch;
it’s like a bag of rocks.

Yeah, if I beg and plead a lot
and tell her I was wrong,
(for doing what? I just don’t know)
she can’t be mad for long.

In fact I think this is her plan,
for she’s done this before.
The make-up sex is what she wants.
And me? I want it more!

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