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A song for my wife, for our 40th Wedding Anniversary - Too soppy? Please comment
Our life together is often linked by golden songs
Of moments captured, warm and true and rare
Those songs that carry memories, they often speak for me
Sewn into words reflecting how we care

Crazy Mr Bowie could always rock our world
And John's sunshine voice always warmed us so
And Fern knew that together we were beautiful
Though we were all revved up with no place to go

And they lifted us with their own dreams and visions
And we smile and dance and fall around the room
And recall the joys that wove us close together
But after all this time, and after all those songs
Someone else's words just won't do

For 40 Decembers, I sang with someone else's voice
I let so many strangers declare my love for you
But mow it's time to tell my girl what she really means to me,
And on this day, someone else's words won't do

So, I recall the winding roads of expectation
And the First Class sound of brass in summer sun
And feel the drizzle of mountainside while we lay in each others arms
And that crazy mixed up joy of being young

I'm ever grateful for that day I saw your smiling face
Expecting someone else to grace my view
And I never shall regret the paper ring I forged
Or the beautiful adventure it led us to

And though I'm grateful to the poets for their sentiments
And the thousand vibrant voices that have shined
Using someone else's words to speak to you today
Won't be enough to speak for me this time


It was cold, but it was sunny, the week of Christmas, that aint funny!
I was hungover, like a jerk, stood nervously, before the clerk
But you were there, and you were fine, so beautiful, and you shined
That was our day, we'd be one, though they said we were too young
We faced the world, and we signed, your slender hand, warm in my mine
And there it began, our mystery ride, with my girl, my love, my bride

You're my lady of the Rhododendrums, don't you know?
The Prettiest nurse that ever nursed me through
And though the pretty valleys always captivated us
Gelert's graceful beauty always bowed to you

You are my friend and my ambassador
The beauty of the beast
You're the mistress of my madness
And the the Princess of my peace

For my lady of the Rhododendrums dancing in your hair
Thank you for always being at my side
With sparkling smile and wondrous eyes, amd a heart that is laid bare
My precious wife, my lovely blushing bride

So please accept this humble song with love from me
After 40 years I finally came through
It won't make sun shine down upon your shoulders
But every word I sing to you today is true
(Or alternatively – But I'm the only one who knows the inner you)

And it's not someone else's words
Not other people's words
But this song
This simple song
Is only for you
I sing this song for you
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