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Writing on the blank slate of life
Writing on the blank slate of life:

Thoughts of story,
Streaming empty;
Unstructured theme
Creates the scene;
Reservoir overflowing,
To its entirety;
Memory outpouring,
Sweeping clean.

Tedious work,
much insomnia;
Making sense
In numerous ways;
Story plot,
Uncanny utopia;
Blank illuminating,
In deco of grays.

Unwritten story,
In every action;
Setting themes
Of likely display;
Certain details,
In the caption;
Done for good,
On a chosen day.

Applied measures,
Capture time;
Projected focus,
Clear to mention;
Unreasonable output,
System decline;
Deeds of goodness
With true intention.

True or unworthy,
Unwritten story;
Gift of life,
The platform of scenes;
Pen it right,
Getting the glory;
Ups and downs,
Still your dreams.
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