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Poem about PTSD
I fought where my country sent me,
No feelings of regret.
I did things that were needed,
Or so, that’s what they said.

I was proud to serve,
My uniform worn with pride.
My shoes highly shined.
With my head held high.

No hero’s welcome did I want,
And none did I get.
When I came home,
All I wanted was to forget.

Then the dreams came at night,
Torturing my mind.
Till I wake up screaming,
Of what I left behind.

In war friends come, friends go.
Mostly they just die.
And those of us who survived the battle,
Just have to say good-bye.

I didn’t know, when I came home,
Someone’s help I would need.
When I finally opened up,
Everyone was closed, it seemed.

No help was forthcoming,
It was clear no one cared.
Alone I fought my new war,
No feelings would I share.

Inside my head my new war raged,
Demons haunted me.
Until one day I took my gun,
And ended this tragedy.

Veteran's Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255
Each day 22 veterans commit suicide.

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Entered 02/01/2022
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