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A son disobeys his mother and suffers for it.

         It happened on a blustery mid-morning in March. The bright blue sky was clustered with white billowy clouds racing to an unknown destination. Inside a small thatched roof cottage Mrs. Dumpty, completely worn to a frazzle by her son’s pestering to go outdoors, passively acquiesced. “You may go outside and play, Humpty, but stay off Mr. Peep’s wall. With the wind blowing the way it is, I fear you may get blown off.” Alas, Mrs. Dumpty’s son ignored his mother’s admonition and climbed upon Mr. Peep's wall.
         It should come to no one’s surprise, the sorrowful consequences suffered when one’s mother is disobeyed. Humpty was sitting on Mr. Peep’s wall when the powerful wind blew him from his perch. Humpty fell five feet landing head first on the hard ground below. There he laid unconscious with his head cracked open.
         By and by, Dr. Foster, who was making a house call to see one of the many children who lived in a shoe with their mother, saw Humpty at the base of Mr. Peep’s wall. Dr. Foster pulled the reins on the lone appaloosa hitched to his buggy. “Whoa Spot! It looks like that Dumpty kid had a great fall from Mr. Peep's wall. Best I have a look at him.” Dr. Foster quickly assessed Humpty’s injury was most serious: several pieces of his cranium were dislodged and missing. Dr. Foster lifted the injured child into his buggy and raced to the hospital.
         At the hospital Humpty was seen by all the town’s most highly trained doctors. It was determined if Humpty had any chance of surviving he would need a doctor whose speciality was severe head injuries. It was agreed by all that the only person who could possible perform such surgery was Dr. Thomas Kingsman.
         Dr. Kingsman agreed to perform the surgery under one condition: that the woman who lived in a shoe drop all paternity charges against him. The condition was met and after eighteen hours of meticulous surgery, Dr. Kingsman and his team of specialists were able to put Humpty Dumpty together again.
         Outside of an occasional headache, Humpty lived many happy years and most importantly, never again did he disobey his mother..

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