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A dogs eye experience of finding a family
Shelter Dog

I was born in the back of a van traveling from Texas to Minnesota. My mom was being transferred from one shelter to the next and my siblings and I gave the humans a surprise! One by one my siblings were gone, off to other homes to be cuddled and loved, finally, it was my turn. I was adopted! I was eight weeks old and full of energy. Too much work evidently because I was soon returned to the shelter from whence, I came.
This happened a couple more times till soon I found myself 11 months old and at the shelter once again. What was I doing wrong? One human said I was too sickly, another said I was mean and would snap at them. The shelter gave me the name Jerry, but I did not like it much. Lots of people came and went I got looked at, played with, petted, and left at the shelter while another pup got brought home.
One day I was brought into the visitation room a big open room lined with chairs and toys in one corner and sitting quietly in the chairs was two big humans with a little human on either side. I cautiously approach the chairs and put my paws across one big human then the next to say hi to the little humans. I liked their smells. Soon the little humans are playing fetch with me and I am giving them lots of licks and rubbing on them, I am in seventh heaven. One little human went and sat down again and the other one smells like a girl, she stayed in the middle of the room petting me. Suddenly two strange guys come walking in, I place myself in front of the little girl growling and barking as I slowly push her back towards the big humans. I do not like these new humans; I will protect the little humans and keep them close.
Soon though I am taken out of the room I strain at my collar trying to get back to those little humans, my humans, but I am forced to leave. A few days go by and I do not get to visit that room again, no one wants to see me or play. Suddenly, my cage door opens, and they put the leash on me, I get all wiggly and bouncing around straining to get to the visitation room however, I am pulled another way I am going out front what is going on I tuck my tail and start to shake. The door opens and I carefully peek out sniffing, Wait! I know that smell I dart around the desk and there is one of the big humans back to see me.
Hey, the staff just handed over my leash. I am adopted. I have a home! But for how long? I was not sure if I should be excited or scared. I bounded out and jumped into the car right up on the seat and went for a ride, a long ride it felt like forever so that I finally just laid down on the seat and rested my head on my paws wondering when we would get to where we were going and all the while hoping that it was to see those little humans again.
The car started to pull up and slow down in front of a house. Soon, I leapt out and my human walked me around and then over to a grassy area away from the house. I was confused till I turned and saw my other human and a doggy friend to meet. I danced on my hind feet and yipped with excitement till I was finally close enough to sniff the other dog. Yay she wanted to play, and we danced around wrestling dragging our humans along. I was so excited to get to meet my new doggie sister and could not wait to get inside to play. I was a little unsure of entering the house there were these things you had to go up and as soon as you passed the door there was a whole bunch of them going down, but my sister had no qualms about them, so I just charged ahead. Rounded the corner and here were two other humans not big but not small either, I did not know them, so I ran back to dad and hid behind his legs. Soon through my fear and unease I could hear the voices of little humans, I, I know that sound! I scramble past and shoot through the doorway into the living room and there they are. My butt was just a wagging back and forth right along with my tail I could not hold back the whines I was so happy.
My little humans wanted to name me Chase, saying something about paw patrol whatever that is, but the little, bigger humans argue that I should have be named Marshal instead finally settling on Chance. I have had so many adventures with my new family. I got to play in the pool and go for lots of walks, even a few car rides. They took me and my doggie sister for a ride and we got to stay overnight a few times in this rolling house that they towed behind the car. We went on a long hike or run for me and sissy dragging mom along for the ride, ha that was fun. Now it has been eight months and I think I have finally found my family, ones that will stay around and I am so happy laying here on my new pillow in front of the fireplace dreaming of all the adventures to come.

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