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An overview article of what many consider to be the worst year in modern memory...
If there had been a prize to be given out for being the true, worst thing of all time, one would easily go to the year 2020; believe me, I know what all of you have been thinking: 2020 has been the most excruciating year in modern memory, and I for one am pretty much certain that nobody in this great country of ours would look back on this year at all...
When this very first year of this new decade began way back in January, many of us began to think at first that 2020 was going to be one exciting year; what we did not know, however, was that a virus was raging overseas, and then, before any of us know it, it had reached our American shores. And did our current President do anything to stop this virus? No, because he downplayed it and told lie after lie after lie after lie. And as a result of all this, a pandemic has been declared by the World Health Orginazation, and that has ultimately changed our lives, perhaps forever. Our lives, of course, would not ever be the same again.
Every little thing, every milestone, every sporting event, and every pop culture event, in fact, almost EVERYTHING that has been a part of our lives for many years has somehow been halted, canceled, in an effort to stop this virus; people started staying home for many weeks, not ever going out except for essential errands. When those stay-at-home orders had been lifted, then we started to out, but not before our nation's economy began to rot in tatters. But we did have economic stimulus relief.

And then, later that summer, there was racial turmoil; adding that to the pandemic, and those are all the ingredients for a very bad year, but as some TV salesman would say, "But wait, there's more!" All of our network TV specials that we have loved for years as kids have now been moved to streaming, and so many people have died, including a certain game show host who goes by the name of Alex Trebek; I guess there can be no question about it: 2020 was the worst year that we ever had, or ever WILL have.
But wait a moment: If we think that 2020 is an awful year, then what about all of the times this year when we have been kind to others? About all of the times of this year when we gave to charities that have helped people who have been laid off due to the pandemic? What about all of those times when we have given our time to serve food to those in need, like serving food at a soup kitchen? Our giving gift baskets to those on the front lines? Or how about the times when we gave our time to send digital "I Love You" cards to those essential workers, who have given up all of their time so that they can work to help provide those who need those goods the very most? And finally, what about all of those times when, no matter what, we offer sympathy for each other, and telling them to keep the faith, and that everything would be alright, and that they love them so very much?
Yes, 2020 was a very bad year, but try and remember this: At least we have tried our very best to make this year as best as we ever could, by showing kindness to others and offering our love and support to one another. And do you want to know something else? I think that all of us in this great country of ours is going to need more federal economic relief very soon, and that Congress needs to get its act together right now and pass a relief bill, because if they do not do so, then there is going to be a lot more trouble than ever before.

The year 2020 is almost over, and soon, in the very first month of an all-new year, which happens to be 2021, we shall have an all-new President, and we hope and pray that this new President shall have enough guts to fix this country and to build it back into what it was before, before the pandemic. We shall very well go forward in the coming year, not even thinking back on this year; we shall go forward in our lives, with hope, with bravery, and with prayer.
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